7 Ways To Create The Most Cosy Comfortable Bed

With World Sleep Day coming up, we thought it was a great time to tell you how to create the most cost-effective, cosy and comfortable bed, so you can be fully prepared! Afterall, there’s nothing quite like snuggling beneath the covers of your bed, whether you’re about to dive into the next best-selling book or getting ready for a premium night's sleep. 

From choosing cool and calming colours for a truly relaxing atmosphere to forming the perfect reading nook filled with beautiful candles and scents, there are endless ways to design a cosy bedroom. 

That’s why the team here at DUSK have come up with some ideas to help you create the cosiest, most comfortable bedroom for sleeping and reading — we all deserve the perfect sanctuary!

Use Colour For A Calming Atmosphere

Colour is one of the most important aspects when trying to create a calming atmosphere within your bedroom. Using whites and warm neutrals will create a crisp, clean and fresh look and feel. To soften a white interior and style a cosy haven, we recommend incorporating warm natural materials such as wood, linen, rattan and wool. Choose luxury white bedding and pair it with a neutral throw to make your bed feel cosy and pull over you while you’re reading your favourite book. 

Introduce accent cushions to your room to add a touch of colour. A dark grey can instantly make you feel relaxed, whether you pair with an all white bedroom or choose a muted accent grey wall to effortlessly tie the whole space together. Balance the colour with black and white artwork and add a splash of colour with indoor potted plants. A soft pastel pink palette can also infuse your bedroom with colour without making you feel overstimulated.

Make Bedroom Dark For Sleeping 

We all know that sleeping in a dark room can massively improve your sleep quality. This is because darkness causes your brain to produce the hormone melatonin, which is the body’s natural sleep aid. Start by installing black-out blinds or heavy curtains in your bedroom that will block out unwanted light — this is especially important for those working night shifts or sleeping during the day. Alternatively, if you don’t want to switch up your curtains, try using an eye mask when you sleep.

There are many myths about things that can impact your sleep but studies have shown that bright lights can suppress the production of melatonin in the brain. To prevent this, we recommend switching out your bright overhead lights for lamps on an evening. This ambient lighting will create a perfect cosy and comfortable space that will aid both relaxation and sleep. 

You can discover how to get the best night’s sleep by reading our expert sleeping tips.

A Reading Nook Is The Perfect Cosy Bedroom Idea

When it comes to designing a relaxing space, we think it’s the perfect opportunity to create your own bedroom reading nook. This is the perfect way to transform what once may have looked like a wasted space into the ideal corner to pass the hours with a book in your hand. 

Whether you have room for a small daybed (which can be great for extra storage) or simply want to fill the space with a beanbag or accent armchair, there’s an option for bedrooms of all sizes. To complete the look, add a warming lamp and a place to pop your cup of tea and you’ll be ready to go. 

Not sure how to decorate your nook? Go for comfy pillows and cushions in a variety of sizes so that you can truly snuggle down and relax. Fill the space with calming and organic materials and decorations such as Macrame wall hangings and cosy knitted throws. You can also add some colour using succulents and plants — choose brightly coloured plant pots or let the greenery breathe life into your reading corner. 

Swap Technology For Books 

One of the best ways to create a cosy and comfortable bedroom is to make your bed a no-technology zone. There are several studies showing that people who spend time watching TV, playing on their phone or using a laptop before bed tend to get less sleep. Therefore, swapping out your technology for a good book seems like the perfect option and you may even fall asleep faster!

An evening also proves an ideal opportunity to meditate, reflect and assess your day. Spend time in your bedroom for the reasons it should be used for instead of binge watching the latest netflix phenomenon. You’ll be thankful when you have better sleep! 

Buy A Mattress Topper For Added Comfort

A mattress topper can not only prolong the life of your mattress by putting less pressure on the springs, it can also provide you with the additional comfort and support that you need when trying to create the most cosy, comfortable bed. Additionally, if you buy a new mattress but the comfort isn’t quite what you expected, a mattress topper can help change the whole feel of your bed. 

A feather and down mattress topper will have you feeling as though you are sleeping in cloudlike softness. As a natural filling, it’s breathable and helps regulate your body temperature, meaning it will help keep you cool in the summer but warm during the winter — as well as adding an extra layer of sumptuous softness to your bed. Alternatively, a microfibre feels like down mattress topper will provide you with support that is hypoallergenic, soft and kind to skin, making it the perfect option for those with allergies! 

Pile On The Pillows

Pillows are easily one of the most important factors when creating your perfect cosy bed. Stack your pillows neatly on top or in front of one another for a beautiful presentation. To finish, use luxury decorative pillows at the front of your stack to create a hotel-luxury look. 

There are several different options for the fill of a pillow, each changing the weight, firmness and overall feel. Each pillow is more suited to a particular type of sleeper. Read our guide on how to choose the perfect pillow for more top tips and information. 

Don’t Forget The Scent

Scent can affect our mood and work productivity, so it is no surprise that it can aid us with relaxation. Choose a rose and geranium candle to light while you’re immersing yourself within a book — these essential oils can help relieve anxiety and stress — while jasmine and bergamot scents will leave you feeling energised and ready for the day. Lavender has the same effect but can also help you have a better night’s sleep due to its calming and soothing effects. 

While we wouldn’t recommend lighting a candle before you go to sleep,  another way of incorporating the scent into your bedroom is through a luxury diffuser.

How will you be getting ready for World Sleep Day? We’d love to hear how you create a cosy and comfortable bedroom! Let us know on Facebook or Instagram. And for more top tips, check out our advice on the DUSK blog.