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The DUSK Mattress Buying Guide: Which Mattress Should I Choose?

Are you wondering whether you need a new mattress, and what type of mattress is best for you? A mattress is an extremely important part of any dream-worthy bed, ensuring you get a comfortable night’s sleep every night of the week. 

Whether your old mattress isn’t feeling quite as comfortable as it once did or you’ve recently been waking up feeling unrested, you should look out for signs that might mean you need to replace your mattress. 

In this post, our sleep experts have put together a guide to answer all of your questions so you don’t lose any sleep when choosing your new mattress.

Which Mattress Type Is Best For You?

The purpose of a mattress is to support your body so that you can achieve a quality night’s sleep without experiencing any aches and pains the next morning. If you’re having trouble sleeping due to not being able to get comfortable or because you feel your body is overheating, continue reading to find your perfect mattress.

Cool Gel Foam Mattress: The Best Mattress For Keeping You Cool While You Sleep

Our cool gel foam mattresses allow you to enjoy cushioned support that will help keep you cool all night long. Boasting three innovative layers, this mattress provides everything you need for comfort and support whilst you sleep.    


The top cool gel foam layer features an open cell structure to regulate your body temperature and allows more airflow than a memory foam mattress. Ideal for those who like to be both cool and cosy!

The middle layer of foam is a comfort layer which allows for extra support and pressure relief, and the bottom layer is crafted from 100% recycled foam. The three layers of foam work together so you can feel perfectly supported in the places you need it most.

Pocket Sprung Mattress: The Best Mattress For Minimal Movement Through The Night

Our premium pocket sprung mattresses are designed for heavenly comfort with individually wrapped pocket springs.  Working independently for each other, they ensure minimal movement and undisturbed sleep. The natural comfort layer and pocket springs work beneath you to provide just the right amount of balance and pressure relief.

Take a look at our 1,000 pocket sprung mattresses for a medium option, or our 2,000 pocket sprung mattresses for a medium-to-firm option.

Hybrid Mattress: The Best Mattress For Support

Our luxury four-tiered hybrid mattresses offer you the best of both worlds, with cool gel foam, encapsulated pocket springs and two additional foam layers for increased comfort and support. 

A hybrid mattress benefits from a stronger structure due to the combination of pocket springs and foam. This results in equalised pressure across the body, supporting you in the areas that need it most.

Layers Of Luxury

Comfort as you sleep is our priority. That’s why we ensure every layer inside our mattresses are designed to help support the body, so you can achieve the most blissful night’s sleep. 

Cool Gel Foam Layer

You can sleep in true comfort with a top layer of cool gel foam beneath you. This has been specially crafted with an open cell structure to allow more airflow than other foam mattresses. In addition, the cool gel foam has been cocooned with a breathable, allergy-friendly 350gsm stretch knit fabric outer layer. All of this combined helps to keep your body temperature regulated to avoid you becoming overheated as you sleep.

Individually Wrapped Pocket Springs

Pocket sprung mattresses help to give your body support as you snooze. Our collection of luxury pocket sprung mattresses have been crafted with individually wrapped heat tempered springs  that work independently from each other for minimal movement as you sleep. They help keep the body in an optimum position for sleep, too.

Natural Comfort

There’s nothing more refreshing than waking up after a good night’s sleep. That’s why we take care to ensure our mattresses are made from beautifully luxurious materials. Our pocket sprung mattresses are encased in a breathable Egyptian polycotton blend outer layer followed by a top layer blend of pure wool, silk and cashmere. Our foam mattresses are finished with a durable and soft 350gsm stretch knit outer layer on the top and a contrasting, breathable border along the bottom. Using premium, natural fabrics and fillings makes our mattresses an indulgent choice.

When To Replace Your Mattress

Typically you should be looking to replace your mattress every 6-10 years. However, this can vary depending on your mattress type. If you are no longer getting a good night's sleep, and are waking up the next morning feeling achy, it is likely that a new mattress could resolve this issue. Alternatively, if your mattress shows visible signs of damage and old age it’s probably time to think about replacing it.

You might also find that it’s simply time for a change. If you currently have a pocket sprung mattress, you may enjoy the temperature-regulating qualities of a cool gel foam mattress instead. Choosing a mattress is a personal choice, and you should make sure you select a mattress to suit your sleeping style.

Should I Choose A Firm Or Soft Mattress?

The type of mattress you choose is often down to personal preference, whether you love a cushioned soft feel or prefer more support. The way a mattress hugs your body can greatly affect the quality of your sleep and is therefore an important factor to consider when choosing a mattress. 

DUSK mattresses are between medium to medium-firm support. We would recommend 2,000 pocket sprung for a slightly firmer mattress and 1,000 pocket sprung for a more medium feel.

Soft Mattresses

A soft mattress will allow you to sink into cloud-like comfort. Perfect for side sleepers, the mattress will hug the contours of your body while you sleep. 

Medium - Soft Mattress

Similarly to a soft mattress, a medium-soft mattress will cradle the contours of your body but will offer you a little extra support while you sleep. This also makes this firmness of mattress ideal for side sleepers. 

Medium Mattress

A medium mattress is like having the best of both worlds with cushioned softness and increased support, making it a very popular choice. This is a great option no matter what your sleep style is.

Medium - Firm Mattress

A medium-firm mattress is not quite as soft as a medium mattress. This means you won’t experience as much of a sinking feeling when you lay back into your mattress, however it will still respond quickly to pressure. If you sleep on your back or front, a medium-firm mattress is a great option as it prevents heavier parts of your body from sinking too deep into the mattress.

Firm Mattress

Firm mattresses offer the most support, with very little cushioning. This makes them perfect for stomach sleepers as it will help to keep the spine aligned.

Which Type Of Mattress Is Best For My Sleeping Style?

The way you sleep can affect the way that a mattress supports your body. To avoid any aches and pains a mattress should support your weight evenly and help to keep your spine straight while you sleep.

What Is The Best Mattress For A Side Or Back Sleeper?

Our premium foam mattresses are a great option for all sleepers as the foam naturally moulds to all types of sleeping. For a side sleeper who would prefer a pocket sprung mattress, we would recommend a 1,000 pocket sprung option from our hybrid or pocket sprung collections.

What Is The Best Mattress For A Front Sleeper?

Whilst our foam mattresses are suitable for any sleeping style, if you’re a front sleeper who would prefer a pocket sprung mattress, we would recommend a 2,000 pocket sprung option from our hybrid or pocket sprung collections.

What Size Mattress To Choose

Most mattresses are designed to perfectly match with the size of your bed. If you are unsure what size your bed is, take a look at our measurement advice below:

Single Mattress Size

  • Length: 190cm / 6ft 3in
  • Width: 90cm / 3ft

Shop our single mattress collection

Double Mattress Size

  • Length: 190cm / 6ft 3in
  • Width: 135cm / 4ft 6in

Shop our double mattress collection

King Mattress

  • Length: 200cm / 6ft 6in
  • Width: 150cm / 5ft

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Super King Size Mattress

  • Length: 200cm / 6ft 6in
  • Width: 180cm / 6ft

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Your Mattress Questions Answered

We know that when it comes to buying a mattress you’ll want to feel comfortable and supported all night long. Take a look at some of our commonly asked questions below.

Which Mattress Is Best For Back Pain?

If you’re a sufferer of back pain, firmer mattresses will usually offer you the most comfort. This is because a medium to firm mattress will give your body more support as you sleep, allowing you further relief. 

What Are The Best Mattress Materials For Allergies?

Mattresses made from natural, allergy-friendly materials are considered to be a good option for allergy sufferers. Our pocket sprung mattresses are crafted with breathable, allergy-friendly natural fabrics with the addition of air vents on both sides to maintain airflow. 

What Is A Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress is formed from multiple different layers combining the benefits of both pocket sprung and foam. This helps to provide overall comfort and support as together they work to support your body and keep you in an optimum position for sleep.

Should I Use A Mattress Protector On A New Mattress?

We recommend using a mattress protector from the very first day of using your mattress. This will help to keep your mattress clean, hygienic and in pristine condition which will increase the overall lifespan of your mattress. To learn more about mattress protectors, read our guide here.

Is There A Weight Limit For My Mattress? 

Whilst we don’t have a specific weight limit for our mattresses, we wouldn’t recommend resting more than 180kg on the mattress.

Are Your Mattresses Fire Retardant or UKFR Approved?

All DUSK mattresses are fire retardant and UKFR approved. 

How Long Do I Need To Wait Before I Can Sleep On My Foam Mattress?

Our foam and hybrid mattresses are delivered air-sealed and rolled in a box, therefore your mattress will need time to expand to reach its optimum level of comfort. Your foam mattress will be ready to sleep on after 4 - 6 hours, though it might take up to 72 hours for that truly luxurious and comfortable feel.

How Can I Try Out A New Mattress?

Don’t lose sleep over a mattress that is too hard or too soft. All our mattresses are expertly crafted and come with a 100 Night Sleep Trial so you can be sure it's your perfect match. Please note that a mattress protector is a requirement of our 100 Night Sleep Trial.

Discover more information and tips on looking after your bedding with our DUSK guides and blogs.