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Everything you should know about duvet fillings

13 Oct 2019

Duvet fillings make all the difference to the quality of luxury duvet sets. Some fillings are poor quality and therefore do not last as long as other, better quality materials and fibres such as goose feather or down. Once you have found your ideal duvet filling you simply need to couple it with a beautiful white duvet set made from cotton and you have already achieved a luxurious look to your bedroom.

What duvet filling is the best?

At DUSK, we recommend three different types of filling for your duvet. Goose feather and down, duck feather and down or a synthetic filling called Microfibre which helps those who may have allergies to natural fibres.

Goose down duvet filling

A combination of goose down and feather pillows makes for a highly luxurious sleep. At DUSK, our supreme goose feather pillows are made from 80% white goose down with an additional portion of feathers to bolster support. This makes for an extremely cuddly duvet.

Duck down duvet filling

If a goose feather is not what you are after, then you can try a luxury duck down duvet, providing a thick and malleable material, filled with fluffy duck down and feathers. Our duck filled duvets at DUSK are made with baffle walls which keep the filling evenly distributed throughout the duvet.

Synthetic duvet filling

Alternatively, if you prefer to have a synthetic material that is still high quality and luxurious, then take a look at our Feels Like Down range of duvets. This duvet, is perfect if you experience allergies or skin irritations. It is filled with 100% hypoallergenic Microfibre which feels as soft and light as down, while helping to keep allergies at bay with its synthetic fibres and soft cotton percale outer casing.

Luxury Bed Sheets

To complete the luxury look, pair your quality filled duvet or pillow with luxury bed sheets from DUSK. This will allow you to create a perfect, luxurious ambience to your room. We have the complete size range for duvet covers available: from a single duvet to a super king duvet size.Take a look at our full collection, from the subtly stiped Wimbledon collection to the pompom embellished Girona range, our bed sheets are diverse, high quality and effortlessly stylish.

To have a look at our current offers and discounts on our natural and synthetic fibre filled duvets, king size duvet sets, plus much more, take a look here.

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