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Allow our luxury cotton bath towels and mats to refresh your bathroom style, creating a tranquil, spa-like feel. Imagine stepping onto a sumptuously soft bath mat or cocooing yourself in the fluffiest of towels, available in a range of shades to perfectly complement your bathroom - from grey, natural and white to olive, graphite and charcoal.

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We have an array of beautiful bathroom essentials to help transform your space into a relaxing haven. From luxury bath sheets and matching mats to super soft hand towels and face cloths. We have everything you need to create a co-ordinated ensemble of accessories for your bathroom.

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Discover our selection of luxurious towels and bath mats, crafter from 100% Cotton for maximum softness. Treat your bathroom to hotel wuality essentials, without the high price tags. From supremely fluffy face cloths and matching hand towels to indulgent ribbed and waffle bath towels, here are the this week's best-selling lxury towels and bath mats.

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Bathroom Accessories FAQs

What Colour Towel Should I Choose?

Whether you're looking for a brightly coloured design or prefer to stay true to theraditional white towel, we recommend mixing and matching with both. Try pairing white with light grey to added a design element that still looks elegant and beautiful. Alternatively, style a bright room by selecting white and natural coloured towels.

How Can I Make A Smaller Bathroom Feel Bigger?

Mirrors are a great way to make your small bathroom feel bigger than it is, especilly when positioned opposite a window, as this increases the amount of light and depth in the room. We also recommend opting for white towels and accessories to bring instant brightness to your space.

How Can I Maximise Space In My Bathroom?

Stroage solutions are a simplend easy bathroom update that can make it feel like you've doubled your space effortlessly. Installing towel rails will allow you to decoratively display your towel collection for when guests come to stay. Alternatively, include open baskets to store your washbag and toiletries or handy wall hooks to hang your bathrobes.

I need further information about an item

Our customer service team is always happy to help if you have any questions or need some advice about our products. Either call our helpline: 0113 519 0311 or email us at: