11 Upgrades for Your Bathroom this Summer

You may think upgrading your bathroom is a costly undertaking, but with a little know-how, you can create a spa-like space without breaking the bank. From those fluffy towels you’ve been eyeing up, to some simple DIY tricks, get ready to update your bathroom with ease.

Whether you dream of making your small bathroom feel more luxurious or you want to style a brighter shower room, summer is the perfect time to transform your drab and dated bathroom into a dreamy space.

In this blog post, we’ve come together to give you our best, budget-friendly bathroom fixes. Here are our top DUSK tips for upgrading your bathroom this summer.

Multiply Your Mirrors 

Lighting has a huge impact and by simply adding a mirror to your bathroom, it will instantly make the space feel bigger and brighter. To maximise the results, install your mirror opposite a window in order to bounce an abundance of that much loved natural light around the room.

Full length mirrors that hang from your bathroom door are an excellent idea if you have limited space this rounded edge Industrial Copper Mirror from Melody Maison is an absolute steal. You can also try covering the full width of a wall by hanging your mirror landscape to really exaggerate that beautiful, bright and airy illusion

Alternatively, light up mirrors are available in a variety of styles, from trendy circular designs (we love this touch-controlled round backlit mirror from Drench) to vanity cabinets, which are the perfect option if you’re short on storage.

Consider The Ceiling

Is your bathroom fully tiled and leaving you unsure on how to freshen up the space? Or does painting all four walls seem like too large of a task? Rather than struggling with your bathroom walls, consider updating your ceiling to refresh the room. Both quick and easy, painting the ceiling is a fabulous way to rejuvenate your space on a budget! 

Soft pastel colours such as white, mauve and olive, will brighten and refresh;  this characterful silvery green “Whirl” paint from Graham and Brown would create a fabulous feature and is also moisture and mould repellent  perfect for your bathroom!  

Alternatively, if you fancy something a little bolder, consider incorporating a darker colour. Graham and Browns’ “Tattoo”  will instantly add drama and create a bathroom that feels intimate and cosy. We also suggest choosing a matte finish to make it easier to hide any imperfections.

Ponder Over Plants

Are you looking to bring your bathroom to life? Or wanting to add a sense of tranquility? Summer is all about greenery, and plants are a great way to not only add colour and personality, but also to purify the air. 

Many plants thrive in humid environments: the spider plant prefers a moderately humid environment; an iconic monstera can handle any level of humidity as well as lower light; and the beautiful flowering peace lily is a tropical plant — making it the ideal choice for your bathroom. 

Most plants will require some degree of sunlight, so if you don’t have a bathroom window, you’ll be happy to know that fake plants can look just as effective. Some of our favourites include this Artificial Monstera from IKEA, Blooming Artificials’ Paradise Palm and the Artificial Potted Aloe Vera from Maison Du Monde.

To decorate, place a floor plant next to your bath, or install shelves to display a larger range of gorgeous greenery. Macrame plant hangers are also a stylish alternative if you’re lacking floor and shelf space (follow this tutorial to make your own).

Ombre Effect Wall

We know when you think of summer you probably envision endless sunshine. Well why not recreate that wholesome feeling within your own bathroom? By painting a feature ombré wall, you’ll be able to watch the sunset from your bath every night of the week, making for a fun and refreshing alternative to block colours.

Simply divide your walls into three sections and lightly blend together the colours using a sponge — you can find a full how-to guide from Graham and Brown. For the perfect effect, try different shades of yellow and gold for the sun (we love their “Funkytown”, “Sunflower” and “Tutti Frutti” paints).

Update Your Storage

Do you want to make your bathroom more luxe but with minimal effort? Currently have your towels hanging on hooks? Toilet paper stored in a box? Storage is an easy bathroom update that can make you feel like you have a whole new space. 

Swapping out your hooks for towel rails will allow you to display stunningly soft towels, or include floating shelves to show off your favourite soaps, candles and beauty products our summer must-haves include Aesop’s Petitgrain Reviving Body Gel (to soothe skin after a day in the sun) and The Body Shop’s Intensely Revitalising Bi-Phase Lotion (a light and refreshing moisturiser). Both of these products have stunning packaging, so they’re perfect for you to put on your shelves!

For a more unique way to store and display items, storage ladders can be extremely stylish. Their slim design makes ladders the ideal storage solution for smaller bathrooms; we adore the lovely natural effect of this raw oak ladder from The Farthing. To style, simply drape your fluffy towels and hang baskets filled with your bathroom essentials.  

Introduce Artwork

If you feel your bathroom walls are a bit bare, wall art is a great solution. We suggest matching your art with the colour scheme of your towels and accessories; this will create a sophisticated, colour coordinated room with heaps of personality.

Because bathrooms are a particularly damp environment and moisture can be detrimental for special art pieces, we recommend preserving your artwork using a waterproof sealant tape. This simple solution will ensure your art is air-tight and will prevent it being damaged by damp. For paintings, protect your artwork against condensation with a varnish; check out Winsor and Newton for tips when varnishing a painting.

Alternatively, choose some trendy industrial style metal wall art, as this won’t become damaged  in a damp environment. While there’s lots of bathroom-friendly metal options to choose from, our personal favourite is this design from Hoagard.

Try New Towels

We know that fabulously fluffy towels can instantly give your bathroom a sense of luxury. For true opulence, go for the softest cotton towels. Not only will they give you that plump, indulgent look but they’ll be soft on your skin    because there’s nothing worse than a rough towel when you’ve caught a bit too much sun! 

Keep your bathroom clean, bright and modern with crisp white towels, or choose naturally coloured towels to make your space feel sophisticated and light whilst also adding further depth. No matter which colour you select, finish off your room with a sumptuous bath mat to tie the look together.

Check out our guide for choosing the best bathroom towels to receive even more of our great tips. 

Accessorize Your Space

Small accessories can make a big difference and choosing coordinating accessories for your bathroom will have it refreshed in time for summer. Go classic with chic marble designs, add a touch of luxury with copper or gold, or introduce a pop of colour to add character.

Simple accessories such as a bath tray can transform a plain bath into a feature. We love the simplicity of the Bamboo Bath Tray from Not on the High Street. Use it as a place to display your favourite candles and magazines — it even makes the perfect spot to pop a glass of wine while you’re relaxing in the bath. 

While you’re updating your bathroom accessories, don’t forget the window(s). If you suffer with a hot stuffy bathroom in the summer, an insulated thermal blind is the perfect quick fix. This will help keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer; and even better, they’re water resistant!

Select Tile Stickers

We know that retiling is time consuming, can be extremely expensive and requires a lot of elbow grease. Therefore, one of our top easy bathroom update tips is water resistant tile stickers. Whether it’s behind the bath, inside the shower or above the sink, they’re a simple and cost effective way to transform your whole bathroom! 

With many stylish mosaic patterns as well as block colours on the market — our preferred pick is the Lisbon design tile stickers from Dunelm — you really can get the look of a newly renovated bathroom for a fraction of the price. What’s more, because there’s no tools required for this budget-friendly upgrade, stickers are perfect even for DIY novices; simply peel and stick onto any clean, smooth surface for a full refresh. 

Replace Shower Curtain

Replacing your shower curtain can have an immediate impact on your bathroom. To get the most out of this update, we suggest hanging your shower curtain higher. This simple trick will make your room look larger and taller, creating a sense of grandeur. 

For a more luxurious look, choose a cotton shower curtain; it will last longer and is easier to wash. Alternatively, you could splash out and install a glass shower screen to create a more modern and sleek environment. If you choose a shower screen, rejuvenate with our favourite eco friendly glass cleaner by Method Products — it features an irresistible fresh mint scent that is sure to have your bathroom looking and smelling summer ready!

Diffuse Summer Scents

When you think of summer, what are the scents that come to mind? If you’re wondering how you can keep your bathroom seasonal, diffusers and candles are not only aesthetically beautiful to display, but they’ll keep your bathroom smelling tremendous. We love the Happiness Reed Diffuser from Neom — with lemon and mimosa, it’s like summer in a bottle! 

To keep your bathroom feeling fresh, use daily shower cleaners and antibacterial cleaners. Created with summer-inspired scents, they’re guaranteed to leave your bathroom smelling pleasant and sparkling clean.

Do you have any other tips for upgrading your bathroom this summer? We’d love to hear! Tell us your DIY decor tricks on Instagram or Facebook.