Decor & Design Inspiration For The Kids' Bedroom

Do you envision creating a bright and vibrant bedroom for your kids?  Or perhaps styling a more mature space that they will grow into? No matter which you choose, your design definitely needs to be multifunctional, well organised and offer plenty of storage solutions.

A kids’ bedroom should be a safe place for them to retreat; to play, read, do homework, spend time with friends and (hopefully!) sleep. That’s why the team here at DUSK have gathered a whole host of design inspiration to help you make the most out of your children’s space.

In this blog post, we divulge our top tips to help you come up with a definitive decorating scheme for your kids. 

A Neutral Colour Scheme Will Grow with Them 

Neutral Colour Scheme - DUSK

I’m sure you’ll agree that the things your child may love one week, they quickly change their mind about the next — and this includes bedroom decor. With that in mind, you need a solution that will prevent them from outgrowing their space in the near future. Our solution: Adopting a neutral scheme.

Rather than painting the entire room in neon orange or lime green, you can mix up the accessories and final finishes to suit their ever changing personalities. The same applies to bedding. Instead of buying a duvet set featuring their favourite character, consider a soft, subtle pretty pink, nautical navy or classic grey. Investing in luxury bedding in timeless tones means it will never grow old and look stylish through their teenage years.

Fun Feature Wall With Bright Wallpaper

Designing an accent wall within a child's room can open up the space, creating a lively room with heaps of energy. Whether it’s a playful print, brightly coloured floral wallpaper, or a new lick of paint, the advantage here is that you only need to update one wall. 

Alternatively, an oversized chalkboard, magnet board or pegboard will bring out their creative side and allow them to change up their space as often as they please. This will also keep them entertained for hours and help you create a bedroom that your child will want to show off to their friends.  

Make the Most of Monochrome

Do you have a pre-teen who has outgrown vibrant colours but doesn’t want a plain white bedroom? Try layering textures and colours of white, black and grey. White bedding will brighten their space or for a quick update, a charcoal grey knitted throw and faux fur cushions

A monochromatic scheme can transform a childish space into a more grown up bedroom but still enhances that cosy and homely feeling that you want your kids’ bedroom to have. For further warmth, include a dramatic light shade that will create a focus point to the room, hang fairy lights for a peaceful glow, or add a neon light to establish that element of fun that your pre-teen still reluctantly wants.

Embrace the Cosiness

Embrace The Cosiness - DUSK

Maybe your kids’ room is the smallest in the house, or perhaps they just have more toys than space. Now that you’ve decided how to decorate, it’s time to make sure their bedroom stays clear and clutter free. 

Use Floating Shelves to Store Books 

Is your child a bookworm? Are they running out of space for their precious pages? Rather than ending up with books scattered across the floor, make use of vertical space with wall storage. By displaying books on a floating shelf, they not only create a decorative feature, but also are easy to grab and just as easy to put back in place. 

Make Use of Underbed Storage

Does your child have a bunk bed with unused space underneath? Make this area into a comfy haven by adding a cosy throw and cushions to create a fun and relaxing space that is also sure to be a hit for sleepovers. Alternatively, look at storage boxes that will easily slip away under the bed and discretely house their favourite toys. 

Display Clothing on a Rack

Whether they love fancy dress or they’re a budding fashionista, most kids and teens have their favourite go-to outfits. Display those much loved items on a clothing rack to inject their personality into the room and provide a quick, easy solution for hanging clothes.

How are you going to be decorating your kids’ bedroom? Will you let them have artistic freedom or opt for beautiful bedding that will grow with them? We’d love to hear! Let us know on Instagram or Facebook