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Benefits of Luxury Cotton Bedding

10 Oct 2019

The benefits of a luxury cotton bedding is best discovered through using the luxury duvet cover and pillowcases themselves. However, if you are looking for reasons why you should buy a cotton bedding then you have come to the right place. Let's explore the many virtues of buying bedding made from one of the best loved fabrics.

The purpose of cotton duvet covers

Duvet covers are designed to be taken on and off. They are not a permanent fixture in a bedroom but a bedding item that allows you to adjust the feel of your room, change the level of warmth as you sleep, instantly freshen your bed and keep it hygienically clean. So, what else do they do?

Cotton duvet covers give you choice

Duvet covers made from cotton are available in two main types of fabric, cotton percale and cotton sateen. Cotton sateen is a commonly used type of cotton which has a luxurious sheen and soft finish, providing an extra quality. A favourite at Dusk is the Venice collection, it's hand stitched and made from 400 thread count and available in three different colour combinations. Similarly, our Wimbledon collection is made from cotton sateen but with a jacquard-weave stripe design, oozing simple elegance.

Cotton percale is another popular fabric used for luxury bedding. Different from sateen, it has a more matt, vintage finish to it. The cotton is woven tightly so that a firm fabric is created. Our Isabel bed linen at Dusk is an excellent example of this beautiful material. The 200 thread count fabric features Oxford borders and delicate lace edge. Both our cotton sateen and percale fabrics are available in sizes single, double, king size and super king size.

Cotton duvets give you colours and patterns

Luxury duvet covers at Dusk are available in a variety of different patterns and styles. The aim with our duvets is to ensure high-quality materials and stylish designs. A white duvet set with a subtle pattern or detail looks effortlessly chic, borders give a sense of shape and uniformity while laced edges and stitched cord allow for classic styles to shine.

Cotton duvet covers are durable

Cotton is a fabric that has been used all over the world for centuries. The reason for that is largely due to its strength and durability. It is easily washed and cared for and stands the test of time. If you look after your cotton duvet covers properly, they will serve you for years to come.

They are breathable too!

The truly unique thing about cotton is that it is breathable. This means it helps regulate your body temperature through the night. Cotton absorbs moisture and allows for airflow, preventing damp sometimes caused through perspiration.

Duvet fillings

A luxury duvet cover is not just about the outside covers but what's on the inside counts too. Duck down and goose down are two of the most popular fillings for duvets because they are soft, fluffy and feel superbly luxurious. A combination of feathers (which are stronger) and down (lighter clusters found on the under plumage of a goose or duck) are used in Dusk's luxury duvets, making them both strong for ultimate support and soft for comfort. We also have a Feels Like Down range which is made from 100% Microfibre and is an excellent choice if you experience allergies or are prone to skin irritations caused by natural fibres.

Caring for your cotton duvet

Caring for your luxury bedding couldn't be easier. At Dusk, we recommend washing your duvet covers and pillowcases before use on a 30 wash cycle and tumble drying on a low temperature. It's advisable to iron them while a little damp and avoid using bleach.

If you would like to find out more about our bed duvet collections then have a look at our full collection here. Whether it's a new single duvet or double duvet set for your own bed or a super king size duvet for your master bedroom, we cater for all sizes.

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