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Duck Down vs. Goose Down vs. Feels Like Down: What's The Difference?

19 Dec 2019

Whether you're picking new pillows or looking for a duvet, upgrading your bedding can involve an overwhelming range of options. And when you'e hoping to secure a good night's sleep, choosing sumptuous yet supportive bedding is essential.

From soft or firm pillows to thin summer or thick winter duvets, we all have our own tastes. That being said, there's one major decision you need to make: the filling. Depending on your budget and personal preferences, selecting the right filling can be difficult. Do you go for duck down? Exactly what is goose down? Or maybe you should choose a synthetic filling?

In this blog post, we answer all of your pressing filling questions to help you choose the best bedding for your needs.

What is Down Bedding?

This type of bedding is filled with a blend of feathers and down. But what's the difference between feathers and down? Feathers make up the outward plumage, giving birds their signature colours and patterns. Down, on the other hand, is the fluffy undercoating located below the feathers. The structure of this layer traps tiny pockets of air, making it an excellent insulator.

Down bedding is filled with a mixture of the two. Feathers tend to make up a small portion and are predominantly used to give weight, structure and support. While down provides the bulk of the filling and is responsible for adding that all-important softness and warmth that can only be found in high-quality bedding. The ratio of filling is commonly referred to as the fill blend. You can use this ratio to determine the warmth of a duvet or support of a pillow.

Luxury Down Bedding Duvets - DUSK

There's a number of benefits to down bedding, including moldability and temperature control. You'll find that a down duvet hugs your body, keeping you warm throughout the night. Yet it's also a breathable filling that helps to regulate your temperature, this makes down a popular choice for bedding across all seasons.

What is Duck Down?

A favourite with those who are looking to add a little luxury to their bedroom, duck down is a cosy and cuddly option. It also tends to be the most affordable type of down bedding, providing high-end comfort without the high-end price tag.

Here at DUSK, our luxury duck down duvets are made up of 60% down and 40% feathers, designed for superior softness and stability. They also come in a range of thicknesses, including 4.5, 9 and 13.5 tog. Alternatively, our all seasons duck duvet is comprised of both a 4.5 and a 9 tog duvet; these can be buttoned together or removed as required, for a duvet that you can use all year round.

Additionally, we stock a range of duck down pillows available in both standard and super king size. These are encased in cotton percale, a fabric that allows for enhanced breathability and comfort.

What is Goose Down?

A more decadent filling than duck, goose down bedding is the best option for anyone that wants a truly revitalising snooze. This is because geese tend to have larger down feathers, making for super soft and sumptuous bedding.

The ultimate in luxury, a goose down duvet will encase and cocoon you while you sleep. At DUSK, our supreme goose down duvets are filled with 80% down and 20% feathers, for the most restful night's sleep possible. While our collection of goose down pillows offer the perfect balance of comfort and support, looking after your head and neck.

Duck Down Goose Down Feels Like Down - DUSK

What is Feels Like Down?

As the name suggests, feels like down products have been designed to emulate the qualities of natural fillings, all while using synthetic materials. Here at DUSK, we've carefully crafted and designed these products to ensure they retain the softness and lightness of down, so there's no need to compromise.

Our range of feels like down duvets are filled with 100% microfibre, a material that is anti-allergy and perfect for those of you who suffer from allergies or skin irritations. Just like down, this filling helps to regulate body temperature throughout the seasons, keeping you comfortable whatever the weather.

Meanwhile, our feels like down pillows offer optimum support and shape retention, so they feel good night after night. What's more, just like the inner filling, the casing is also made from microfibre, making them ideal for allergy sufferers.

Which Filling is Right For You?

Deciding on which filling to buy all depends on personal preference. Whether you suffer with allergies or you're looking for a particular level of luxury and comfort, the choice between down or synthetic material is up to you.

Which do you prefer? Will you be updating your bedding with down or microfibre? We'd love to hear! Tell us which one you'll be choosing on Facebook or Instagram.

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