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The Results of Our Big Clean Survey Are in...

28 Jun 2021

Is there anything better than a tidy, clean home? It creates the perfect ambience for a relaxed, stress-free evening and is the ultimate cosy setting now that we can welcome our friends and family to fill our homes with love and laughter again. That is until we realise we actually have to do all the cleaning ourselves. 

Tackling your cleaning tasks can seem like a daunting task. This includes washing everything from your towels and bed sheets through to your duvets and pillows. We conducted a survey to discover the UK's cleaning trends, and the results are certainly interesting! 

Surprising Findings From Our DUSK Big Clean Survey 

Our survey of over 2,200 respondents discovered some interesting trends about the way people in the UK are tackling their homes big cleans. From washing bedding and towels incorrectly to sleeping on unwashed pillows, we discovered some trends that might surprise you all. 

It's safe to say we all get excited about diving into a freshly made bed, with 93% of respondents saying they sleep best in newly washed bedding. Most of us agree there's nothing better than snuggling up in soft bed linen after a long day, with more than half of people (55%) saying a clean bedroom helps reduce their stress.

But when it comes to cleaning our homes, are we taking note of how we should be treating our luxury bed linen? More than 53% admit that they don't pay full attention to cleaning instructions when washing their bedding with 11% simply shopping for the best‚ when it comes to washing their bed linen.  

Furthermore, almost a quarter of respondents (24%) have never washed their pillows and nearly one in five didn't realise that some duvets can go in the washing machine. This could indicate that most know they should be giving their bedding a wash, but are unsure how to or simply don't have the time. 

With this in mind, we have come together to share their expert tips and secrets on how to master your big clean. 

Master Your Big Clean With DUSK's Top Cleaning Tips 

How Often Should You Change Your Bed Linen? 

You should wash your bed sheets every one to two weeks to ensure they feel as heavenly as they did when you first bought them. Many factors will reduce the time you can go between washing. This includes whether you have allergies or sensitive skin, if you have a pet, snack in bed and also go to bed without showering. 

We recommend washing your bed linen one morning each week to ensure you can indulge in a clean layer of snugness every evening. 

DUSK's Secrets to Keeping Your Bedding Clean and Crisp

If you want a premium night's sleep for yourself and your guests, make sure your bedding stays clean and fresh. For scrumptiously soft bed linen, bedspreads, and duvets, follow DUSK's six top tips;

  • Always follow the care label
  • Separate your whites and treat any stains straight away.
  • Use the correct heat, size and washing machine settings.
  • Choose the correct detergent and wash cycle
  • Avoid overloading your washing machine. 
  • When washing your bed linen, hang your duvet and pillows outside to air. 

From washing our expertly crafted 100% cotton bed linen to our extensive range of Egyptian cotton collections, there are an abundance of expert tips to follow. These will help you to create a luxury hotel ambience in your bedroom and prevent your white bedding from looking tired

Farah Arshad, a buyer here at DUSK shares her expert cleaning advice: 

"Always follow the care label of your bedding and wash accordingly. If possible allow your pillows and duvet to air regularly, and shake to get rid of any dust. We recommend using pillow protectors to extend the life of your pillows and keep them looking and feeling as good as new.

Spot Cleaning Your Duvet or Pillows

Small stains on your pillows or duvet can be spot cleaned. Farah advises moving the filling down and away from the area you need to spot clean, and then dabbing it with cool water, try to avoid using warm or hot water as this can set stains and don't use bleach.

Drying thoroughly is very important even when spot cleaning. Always make sure the area is completely dry, even when it feels dry to touch the filling can hold moisture which can lead to mould if not dried thoroughly. We would recommend tumble drying on a low heat.

Don't Overload Your Washing Machine 

Before jumping in and throwing your duvets, bed linen, and bath towels in the washing machine, check if the capacity of your machine is large enough. Washing machines can vary in size and have the ability to hold different volumes. We recommend always checking the care label first, but here's a rough guide to get you started:

  • A 9kg drum should hold a king-size duvet.
  • A 8kg drum should hold a queen or lightweight duvet.
  • A 7kg drum should hold a double duvet or towels and bath sheets.
  • A 6kg drum should be able to hold a single duvet.
  • A 5kg drum should fit bedsheets and towels for no more than two people at a time. 

Many care labels may recommend professional cleaning, but you can wash them at home as long as your machine is large enough. We would recommend having your feather duvet professionally cleaned so as not to damage the delicate fibres. 

Overloading your washing machine can result in damaging your duvet and bedspreads, so remember not to overfill your machine. 

Expert Advice for Washing Pillows and Cushions 

Rest your head in total comfort every night with freshly washed pillowcases. The way you care for your pillowcases and cushion covers can impact how long they last. We suggest using pillow protectors to extend the life of your pillows and keep them cleaner for longer.

For longevity and superior softness, ensure you follow the care instructions on the label, as well as these three important tips;

  • Machine wash on no more than a 30-40 degree cycle.
  • Do not iron - too much heat can damage the fibres.
  • Always dry on a low temperature or air dry! 

Unless professionally cleaned, we would not recommend washing your feather pillows, only the pillowcase, as this can damage the fibres and change the way it feels which could disturb that all-important, dream-worthy sleep. 

How to Clean Your Throws and Blankets 

When it comes to blankets and throws, we recommend you wash them once a month. This should be an essential part of your big clean to prevent germs. Ensure you always read the label so you're washing and drying your luxury throws in the most suitable and effective way. 

DUSK Top Tip: Our throws can go in the washing machine at a cool temperature, but we recommend you wash them inside a large net laundry bag to prevent any detailing getting caught and damaged in the machine. 

If you have the outdoor space, regularly hang your throws outside to air out in between washes to keep them feeling fresh. This is a great tip as there's nothing better than being able to keep your blankets and throws smelling fresh and feeling luxurious. 

DUSK's Top Tips to Maintaining Fresh Fluffy Towels and Bathmats 

When doing your big clean in preparation for guests, don't just concentrate on getting super soft bed sheets. Display fluffy bath towels and mats too. If you want to create a tranquil, spa-like bathroom, your towels are the first step. Follow these three important rules to maintain your towels soft snugness: 

  1. Cleaning bath towels and mats boosts their fluffiness - remember to wash your towels at least once a week so your guests are treated to the cleanest towels you can offer. 
  2. Limit the amount of fabric softener you are using in your towel wash. Overusing fabric softener can add a waxy texture to your towels, leaving them feeling rough and less absorbent.
  3. Never iron your towels! Adding too much heat to your towels can severely damage the fabric fibres, resulting in a less plush finish. 

Finally, why not use our handy cleaning checklist below to help keep on top of your cleaning tasks.

Share your top cleaning tips with us over on our social channels, Facebook or Instagram. Or take a look at the DUSK blog for more advice.

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