Britain's Seasonal Bedding: Duvet Know it's Christmas?

Britain's Seasonal Bedding: Duvet Know it's Christmas? - DUSK

Duvet know it's Christmas? Do they? In this blog post, we analyse the UK's bedding trends to reveal if our homes are feeling festive or more Scrooge-like this winter.

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It's Christmaaaas! A season that's filled with festive tunes, tasty treats and of course, presents piled high under beautifully trimmed trees. But does your home and bedroom, particularly your bedding, convey Christmas cheer or are those decorations concealing dispirited decor?

While you can bring out the glittering baubles, illuminate your interior with twinkling lights and fill every room with festive scented candles, we've delved a little deeper to find out what's really going on with Britain's interiors this Christmas.

The team here at DUSK have analysed the UK's bedding trends to make our very own festive forecasts. Will yuletide joy and sumptuous pillows sweep across the nation? Can we expect chilly spells and low tog duvets this December? Or will goodwill and throws thaw Great Britain?

A Plump Christmas in London

While turkey may be the traditional fare, some of us prefer to plump for a more decadent option. But when it comes to that time-old Christmas dinner debate, do you dine on duck or go all out with goose? Fortunately, there's no need for Londoners to decide, at least not when it comes to their bedding.

DUSK Plump Christmas In London

We predict the capital will be nestled snug in their beds this December. This is because London has more duck and goose down duvets than anywhere else in the UK. In fact, 47% of homes in the Big Smoke opt for luxury goose down bedding, so there's definitely no Dickensian vibes here.

Low Thread Counts in the UK

We have a country-wide conundrum this Christmas: low thread-count bedding. Whether we're gifting on a budget or buying more bank balance-friendly bed linen for guests, 200 thread-count sheets and duvet covers will set the scene during December.

From the north to the south, we expect to see more modest bedding over the festive period. Between October and December, 40% of Brits will buy 200 thread-count bedding in preparation for the 25th. However, there's no need to compromise this Christmas. All you need to do is explore our beautiful bedding collection to get luxury 400 thread-count bed linen for less.

A White Christmas in the South West

We all know that white Christmases in the UK are few and far between. The last time the country woke to a snow-covered scene was in 2010, so you're unlikely to experience a winter wonderland this December. Yet there's one region with more chance of enjoying this elusive sight: The South West.

Those in the South West can eagerly await a white Christmas this year, providing you stay indoors. This is because households here own more white bedding than anywhere else in the UK, with almost half (47%) of this region's bedrooms blanketed in white bed linen.

DUSK Christmas Faux Fur Bedding

Faux Fur Across the Nation

Up and down the country, Brits are bringing out the layers in a bid to combat the cold. This means we're adorning our beds and sofas with stacks of soft furnishings, from decorative cushions to snuggly throws. And our research has revealed that faux fur is the UK's festive favourite.

We anticipate cosy and comfortable interiors across the nation this Christmas. This is due to seasonal trends that see 48% of the UK's faux fur products purchased between September and December, keeping Britain's homes warm with luxury faux fur throws and cushions.

A Chilly 25th in the North East

As the arrival of winter announces months filled with frosty mornings and chilly nights, the majority of us swap our summer quilts for thicker winter-ready duvets and bedding. Yet there's one region in particular that may be feeling a little crisp this Christmas: The North East.

From Northumberland to Cleveland, we forecast some brisk bedrooms in the North East this December. In fact, homes here have the lowest proportion of 13.5 tog quilts in the whole country, with less than a quarter (24%) deciding to invest in a deeper luxury duvet.

Soft Pillows this Season

DUSK Christmas Soft Luxury Pillows

Whether during December or any other time of the year, the pillows we choose all come down to personal preference. While some enjoy sleeping on medium microfibre options, others opt for firm feather-filled designs. Yet when it comes to Christmas, it seems that soft pillows are a must-have.

From the Highlands to Cornwall, we foresee a nation united by sumptuous and super soft pillows. This is because the popularity of softer fillings spikes through winter, with 89% of households ordering them from October to December, up from 81% between June and September.

A High Tog with Your Eggnog in Northern Ireland

While those who live in the North East of England may have to brace themselves before entering their cold bedrooms, other areas are bringing out their thicker bedding for a cosier Christmas. In particular, Northern Ireland can enjoy feeling both warm and festive, as they have the highest tog duvets in the country.

Whether you reside in Londonderry or Belfast, we envision that Northern Ireland will sleep soundly this December. This is due to the fact that this region is home to Britain's most luxurious and well-filled quilts, with 88% of beds here having a minimum of a 9 tog duvet.

Duvet-Filled December in Britain

Most commonly referred to as a winter duvet, a thick 13.5 tog quilt is ideal for keeping those glacial temperatures at bay. Yet across the UK, not all households choose to treat themselves to a thicker duvet, a decision that could mean a chilly Christmas for many this year.

We predict that almost two-thirds of British homes will be feeling wintry this 25th, with only one third (36%) of households choosing to invest in 13.5 tog duvets during December. As expected, this is up from 21% during the warmer month of June, but it could result in Brits feeling frosty.


What does your home say about you this Christmas? Are you cosy and embracing the festive cheer? Or will you be shivering your way through the season?

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