Give Your Guest Bedroom a Tree-mendous Makeover This Christmas

The festive countdown has begun! Christmas trees, dazzling lights and extravagant decorations are filling homes and hotels; family and friends are preparing for the ultimate annual party and everyone’s checking their list (and checking it twice) to make sure they have everything ready for their guests

Recent studies show that we all sleep much better in our own beds, but adding special touches to your guest bedroom can help make your visitors feel right at home. From crisp white sheets, plump cushions and cosy throws to cute welcome hampers and fluffy spa-like towels, these personal touches can help your guests achieve a dream-worthy snooze this Christmas. 

In this festive blog post, the team at DUSK have pulled together everything you need to know to create the ultimate Christmas guest bedroom. 

The Snuggle is Real! Give Your Guests the Best Night’s Sleep 

Are you worried about your guests struggling to sleep through the festivities? One of the toughest challenges over the festive season is making sure we all get enough sleep. From nights filled with dancing, mulled wine and mince pies to the anticipation of presents and the Christmas dinner ingredients just waiting to be cooked, it can be hard to switch off and get a much-needed snooze. 

Over the festive season, your guests will want to ensure they’re getting a dream-worthy sleep to wake up feeling refreshed and merry, meaning they can enjoy everything Christmas has to offer. Adding the perfect festive scent, choosing the ultimate bedding and making sure you and your guests enjoy a great sleeping routine can really help your guests get valuable zzz’s over Christmas. 

Deck The Halls With Special Christmas Touches

Make your guests feel right at home this Christmas by preparing their bedroom with as much love and festive spirit as you do when dressing your Christmas tree.

Let bedding be the star of the show

When preparing your guest room you should start with the star of the show - the bedding! Ensuring your guests have an amazing night’s sleep means you need the essentials, which of course includes a cosy bed set. Choose from fresh bed linen to plush pillows, a suitable tog and even an extra layer of protection with a mattress protector. Enhance your guests’ night’s sleep with luxuriously soft bedding, cosy throws and a scattering of festive cushions. A dream-worthy bed will allow your guests to relax and be ready and merry for the festivities. 

Let your guest room glisten with sparkling baubles 

As it’s Christmas you will want to add an abundance of personal, special touches throughout your home and guest room, like you do when placing each sparkling bauble on the tree. Add a small tree to the guest room, dress the bedside table with snowy white ornaments or even add a personalised hot chocolate station. It's the little touches that matter the most! 

Add a modern touch for your guests

From a chest of drawers, an abundance of coat hangers and door hooks to charging points and more. Your guests will love having a whole host of options when it comes to hanging up their personal belongings and clothes. Noone wants a creased festive outfit! 

Having access to a charging station and of course the Wi-Fi password is super important when staying away from home. You guests will need somewhere to charge their devices so they can stay connected with family and friends over the festive season, so having these easily accessible is essential when making your guests feel right at home. 

Create a dazzling abode with festive lights

Fill your guest room with dazzling festive lights and scents! Add Christmas-scented candles, such as orange, nutmeg and cinnamon, or add a few fairy lights around the room. Adding warming candles and cute lights will make the room more comforting, giving a cosy feel to your guest room this winter. 

Wake up feeling fresh on icy mornings

After a long day of festivities and a few glasses of mulled wine, a good night's sleep is essential for your guests to recover - no one wants to be woken up earlier than needed by the snowy sun. The best way to prevent this is to invest in some blackout blinds or curtains to make sure no light sneaks through into your guest room. If this is out of budget then it can be achieved by making sure the curtains you have are properly closed to limit light. 

Deliver presents underneath the tree

Lastly, why not treat your guests to Christmas hampers, filled with hot chocolate, fluffy socks and more? They are an inexpensive way to make your guests feel special, including miniature toiletries, refreshments such as water and snacks, magazines and pillow spray, as well as a loving keepsake so they can remember their stay. These special festive touches will leave your loved ones feeling merry and right at home during their wintery stay. 

We’re Dreaming of a White Christmas 

When it comes to Christmas, colour can symbolise so much, from red representing joy, white highlighting the snow that falls on Christmas Eve and green representing the forest winter trees. Certain colours can have a huge effect on many aspects of our lives and certainly our sleep. Considering the psychology of colour when decorating your guest room in time for Christmas will help reduce your guest’s stress and help them get much-needed zzz’s over the festive period.

Classic white is a common colour for guest rooms as it adds an element of hotel-like luxury whilst creating a blank canvas, so you can add a touch of personality through subtle coloured cushions and throws. It’s crisp, pure and truly elevates the cosy feel within your guest room for a lovely luxurious experience. 

If you want a touch of colour, opt for pink. Adding a feminine, calming touch, pink is often associated with compassion and softness. Add touches of pink throughout with scatter cushions or pink detailed bedspreads for a romantic, colourful Christmas vibe. 

Best in Snow Winter Bedding For Your Guest Bedroom 

Looking to give your guests the cosiest night’s sleep? The best way to help your guests get luxury hotel-quality sleep is by choosing snug bedding to keep them warm and help them doze off. 

The right combination of sheets, duvets, pillows, bed linen and fluffy throws for extra warmth can make a huge difference to your guests' stay throughout the festive season. From selecting the ultimate tog to picking the perfect flat sheet material, your guests deserve dream-worthy bedding this Christmas. 

Choose a duvet full of fluffy goodness

When preparing your guest bedroom for winter you will need to consider the type of filling you want for their duvet. Feather and down duvets are notorious for being warm and cosy - perfect for the winter months. Not only will duck down duvets keep your guests snug but they are also breathable, giving your guests a dream-worthy night’s sleep. 

You can also opt for wool - a perfect option for your guest bedroom this Christmas. They are chunky, luxurious and great at retaining air, therefore trapping in the heat. Wool duvets are fabulous for keeping you warm and removing any excess heat when your body temperature increases, resulting in the perfect sleeping environment.

High togs to keep you toasty  

What is a tog? Tog refers to the Thermal Overall Grade, measuring the duvet's warmth - the higher the tog, the toastier you’ll feel. A great rule of thumb when choosing the perfect duvet for your guest bedroom this Christmas is to look for duvets marked between 10 and 13.5 tog. 

With the colder weather upon us, increase the tog on your guests’ duvet and opt for a luxury duck down 13.5 tog duvet. Your guests can cocoon in a snug, plush duvet and keep warm during their festive stay.

Cosy up in the highest thread count 

Ensure your guests stay warm during those long, snowy nights. If you’re looking for thicker sheets for your guest bedroom to keep your guests feeling extra snug and cosy this Christmas, select bedding with a higher thread count.

800 thread count bedding, for example, not only provides a snug feel - it offers the highest level of luxury for your guests. Our 800 thread count collection will help to give your guests the ultimate sleep, ensuring they stay merry throughout their stay. 

Add touches of festive colour 

From silver and white to touches of gold - why not add hints of festive colours throughout your guest bedroom? Create a luxury bed that exudes Christmas class with crisp, white bed sheets and coloured cushions, such as red or keep it minimal with plush pink

If the Christmas red isn’t for you, you can add a splash of striking gold instead. Dress your bed with our subtle white and gold bed linen to get your guests in the Christmas spirit. 

Extra layers for those snowy nights 

Your guest room during the festive season simply isn’t finished without a super soft throw. Add an extra layer of snugness and warmth to make sure your guests don't feel cold this Christmas. A fluffy throw will ensure your guests can wrap up no matter where they are in their room or your home.

Throws are also a great way to add colour to your guest bedroom, from soft grey to touches of pretty pink, they will elevate the Christmas feel within the room. Throws are the ultimate festive finishing touch!

From choosing dreamy-worthy guest bedding and adding snowy decorations to enhancing your guests' sleep with Christmas scents, you can create the ultimate winter wonderland abode to make your guests feel right at home this festive season. 

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