Sleepover Chic: Ideas to Improve Your Guest Bedroom Decor

With restrictions finally lifted, the summer holidays all wrapped up and the festive season just around the corner, we’re all looking forward to hosting our family and friends in our homes more often. It’s all about the little details and personal touches that make your guest room feel warm and welcoming. 

From comfortable guest beds and sumptuously soft sheets to luxurious hampers and sweet treats, your guests can indulge in hotel-inspired luxury from the comfort of your home. Going above and beyond standard guest essentials by offering fluffy towels and quality bedspreads will make your loved ones feel right at home.

In this blog post, the team at DUSK have come together to help you with all your guest bedroom decor needs, transforming your space to give your guests the perfect night’s sleep. 

Make Sure Your Guests Have a Dream-Worthy Sleep 

Go above and beyond when cleaning your guest’s bedding - think about sumptuously soft bed linen and add an extra special touch with comforting items to elevate their nights’ sleep. Add a cosy layer of comfort with a mattress topper, along with a choice of comfortable pillows, including soft, medium and firm support. Don't forget a cosy blanket or two for those winter eves! 

DUSK Top Tip: Always include an extra set of bath towels and bed linen. Some guests may like to change their bedding, so it's always best to have an extra set ready to grab if guests are staying for a while. 

Add a Touch of Luxury with a Hamper

Grab a stylish wicker basket or a hamper and supply your guests with the perfect gift to kick-start their stay. Consider including tissues, candles or a face mask - and don't forget the eye mask for the perfect lie in! It’s also a thoughtful touch to decant small amounts of toiletries - shampoo, body wash, moisturiser and toothpaste - into smaller bottles to add a luxurious hotel-inspired touch to your guest bedroom. 

Supply your guests with a bottle of water and a glass on the bedside table to save your guests having to grab some water from the bathroom tap when they need to quench that late night thirst - these extra special touches go a long way! 

Treat Your Guests to Robes, Slippers and Towels 

Make your guests’ stay special and add an element of hotel luxury to your spare room. If you want to go the extra mile and wish to create a truly elegant and sophisticated guest room, why not provide everything they’ll need throughout their stay to make them feel right at home? Include a robe, slippers and a towel set for each guest and you’ll soon earn a reputation for being the best host ever! 

When creating sleepover chic, think about transforming your guest bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary. Selecting the right towel set for your guests will set the mood within your bathroom. Whether you choose crisp, white towels for a serene spa-like ambience or you want to create a more vibrant bathroom with a pop of colour - your towels will make all the difference. If you love the idea of a timeless bathroom that will resonate with every guest then opt for darker towels, such as fashionable charcoal grey, which will deliver the same classic touch as white but creates a bolder look. 

Maximise Storage and Hanging Space 

When looking at guest bedroom decor ideas and maximising your space as much as possible, consider utilising the space you already have whilst adding some stylish storage solutions. Investing in some over-door hooks is a fabulous yet affordable way to provide your guests with extra hanging space for coats, bags, scarves and towels. 

Your guest room wardrobe may be stuffed to the brim with old clothes that you have collected over the years, so if you plan to invite guests it may be time for a clear out. Ample storage space and an abundance of hangers will make your guests feel like they can unpack, unwind and feel right at home. 

Help Guests Stay Connected 

It’s no longer unusual for guests to ask “what's the Wi-Fi password?”  So if your home is wired up - great! It’s best to note down the Wi-Fi password and place it on your guest’s bedside table ready for them to connect when they arrive. Many of your guests may travel with a laptop so they can crack on with some work and check their emails, so providing a desk and cable point will make you a top host. 

Get Cosy With Cushions and Throws

The pinnacle of indulgent luxury is an abundance of cushions, so the guest room is the perfect place to get creative. Transform your space with chunky throws and super soft blankets. These small inexpensive touches can transform an overlooked room into an inviting and exciting environment for your guests.

Layering is key when it comes to comfort in your guest room. Think about investing in a luxurious mattress topper and soft silky sheets, followed by a cosy abundance of cushions and throws. Set the bed and surrounding spaces with decorative cushions and fluffy throws to really elevate your guest room. 

Add a Personal Floral Touch

A small but mighty touch - fresh flowers in your guest room is a must! Having a vase full of colourful flowers will simply make your guests’ day. For a balanced, relaxing atmosphere, it's a great idea to add plenty of greenery and flowers - it will instantly lift a space. Flowers can create inexpensive, eye-catching and impressive displays that will add a personal touch to your guest room. 

Another great way to add a floral touch is with a signature scent. A home fragrance is something that can positively add to the guest experience whilst bringing the whole room together. Place candles and air fresheners around your spare room to release relaxing, pleasant scents to make your guests’ stay as relaxing as possible. 

Provide Snacks and a Mini Bar for Guests to Enjoy 

Provide your guests with snacks and a mini bar for that hotel-inspired touch and added privacy. It's a great idea to have a mini bar of refreshments so your guest doesn't have to venture out every time they get peckish - just don’t forget to keep it refreshed. 

Place snacks, fresh fruit, biscuits and water in their room to help with midnight snacking. Why not add a kettle with tea, coffee, milk and sugar for the ultimate hotel welcome? 

Do you have any chic guest bedroom decor ideas? We’d love to hear how you’ve transformed your guest room. Let us know on Facebook or Instagram. For more top tips, check out our advice on the DUSK blog.