How To Introduce A Pop Of Pink To Your Bedroom

How To Introduce A Pop Of Pink To Your Bedroom - DUSK
Introducing a splash of colour can be a small but very effective way of bringing personality to your bedroom. If you enjoy the soft and elegant look of fresh white cotton, yet want a smattering of colour too, then we advise bringing in some pink!
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Revamp your bedroom and stay on trend by introducing subtle pops of colour. From thinking about tonal palettes to mixing up textures, colour can be a small but effective way of injecting personality into your bedroom.  If you enjoy the soft and elegant look of fresh white cotton, yet want to introduce a subtle touch of colour too, then we advise bringing in some pretty hues of pink, neutral tones, grey, green and more.

If you are looking to add colour without drawing attention away from your crisp white sheets or you want to add sophisticated splashes of pink to your bedroom, follow our advice on how to create a colourful bedroom ambience.

Adding Pops of Pink To Your Bedroom

Pink is a surprisingly adaptable colour choice for any bedroom, with pastel pink being a calming colour and creating an excellent feng shui, working well with other light colours such as beige,  grey and tan. Remember that a pop of colour is exactly what it says it is; not the dominant colour within a room but a subtle hint or a slight drop of colour emerging from areas in your bedroom where they are prominent, yet not overbearing. This effect will gradually bring delicate bursts of pink and create consistency and a theme to your room.

From beautiful bouquets of pink flowers to hand-painted pink portraits and classic pouffes, adding small elegant touches of pink can help to add personality to your bedroom. 

Subtle Touches With Pink Petals

Adding touches with pink flowers, such as a Peace Lily or a Begonia, adds an element of nature and a fresh feel to your bedroom. If you aren't a lover of looking after real plants, there are plenty of pretty high-quality artificial plants available too that only need cleaning every so often. Alternatively, you could use an evergreen plant with a soft pink vase or plant pot to introduce a subtle touch of colour.

Sophisticated Pink Portraits

Another way to add pink to your room is to hang a piece of pink-themed art above your bed or to create a small gallery wall. This will make the creative artwork the focal point and doesn't draw too much obvious attention to the pop of colour you are injecting into your sleep space. 

Add a Touch of Class With Pink Pouffes

If you like the idea of turning old into new again, why not get an old buffet, pouffe or dressing table chairs reupholstered in pretty pink? This is often cheaper than buying new and is an excellent way of upcycling your existing bedroom items.

Pink Points of Interest

Other ornaments like clocks, lampshades and photo frames can also work well. Don't overdo your colourful accessories, though, and try to stick to similar hues. Too much pink and your room will look overwhelmed with colour. Remember - keep it balanced and subtle for a more boutique hotel-inspired style.

Add a Pink Bed Frame

Statement bed frames are certainly on trend right now, as they can effortlessly transform a bedroom and help to add a splash of colour. To add a hint of pink opt for a pink bed frame or choose an ottoman bed with neutral finishes and dress the bed with pink scatter cushions and blush chunky throws

Of course, you don't have to only go for pink to add a pop of characterful colour to the bedroom. These top tips work beautifully no matter what colour you choose. 

Injecting Classic Colours Into Your Bedroom

Soft greys, elegant tans, creams and beiges, or even a few blue accents, can all come together to create a beautiful sanctuary for you to enjoy the ultimate night's sleep in. When creating a neutral bedroom with splashes of colour, a top tip is to have your walls and floors in a neutral base colour and then add subtle colour through stunning scatter cushions, fluffy duvets and soft, cosy throws

Whether you opt for neutral-toned furniture or want to make a statement with bold artwork, adding colour throughout your bedroom is simple.

Statement Furniture

Statement furniture is something people either love or hate. You can opt for elegant cream, white or grey bed frames or be daring with forest green velvet beds or navy blue ottoman beds. Add in a statement chair or classic pouffe and let your bedroom furniture do the talking. 

If a colourful bed isn't for you, you can easily add pops of colour to your other pieces of furniture. Give a piece of unloved furniture a new coat of paint or even simply change the handles and knobs of dressing tables and drawers to add little elements of your favourite colours and patterns. 

Scatter Cushions, Throws and More 

One of the simplest ways to add pops of colour throughout your bedroom is to add cushions and throws in different hues. Scatter colours in different tones of blue, grey or green or make a statement with bright colours or even a patterned blanket or throw - your options are endless when it comes to adding colour to your bed. 


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