White Bedding

Discover our serene white bed linen collections to create the beautiful bedroom of your dreams. Build your bespoke luxury white bedding sets with our classic designs, crafted from high quality cotton and available in a range of sizes, from single to super king size. From pom-poms to lace, our classic and crisp white bedding features a variety of delicate touches, for bed linen that creates a unique yet traditional finish to your bedroom.

White Bedding FAQs

How do I keep my white bedding white?

Preserve the glorious bright white colour of your bedding with our simple tips.

Firstly, prevention is better than a cure, so avoid staining by not eating or drinking in bed and removing all makeup before sleep.

We then recommend washing your sheets every two weeks, carefully separating whites from colours in your laundry. 

How do I wash my white bedding?

A common concern with white bedding is keeping it beautiful and clean. Luckily, DUSK is here to help.

Our tips are to avoid bleach, as this can yellow your fabric, and instead add some lemon juice to your washing along with regular detergent for the whitening benefits of the citric acid. Baking soda and white vinegar are other surprise whiteness boosters you can easily find around the home. 

For more advice on caring for white bedding, read our guide

How do I style my white bedding?

As white is such a beautifully neutral colour, you have a wealth of opportunities when it comes to styling white bedding.

One option is leaving white bedding un-accessorised for a clean, crisp and calming look. This is perfect for creating that hotel feel.

If you do want to add colour accents to your white bedding, however, you have an array of options. Choose from our selection of dream-worthy cushions and throws to adorn your bed with colour.

Pink cushions and throws against white bedding is a wonderful choice, as it reminds us of all things soft, like marshmallows and summer clouds. Or instead, choose blue accents- the cool undertones of blue against white is so relaxing and evoke imagery of the sea and sky.

Add an edge to your white bedding with chic black cushions. Or cosy up white cotton bed linen with deep brown accessories, creating a cream-and-cocoa aesthetic that’s as warming as it is luxurious.