How To Choose The Right Pillow For A Good Night Sleep

If you're in the process of trying to find the right place to rest your head, then you know there are a huge range of options when it comes to purchasing new pillows. From dreamy feather and down filled pillows to microfibre and memory foam, every pillow is different and when it comes to sleep quality, they are of the utmost importance. 

In order to obtain a good night’s sleep, the perfect bedding is essential. So, if you’re currently sleeping on a worn out pillow that you have to scrunch up in order to get comfortable, then it’s safe to say you’re in need of an upgrade.. 

Choosing the best filling, weight and firmness is all about personal preference. To help, the team at DUSK have collated all their knowledge to make your pillow shopping experience that little bit easier.

How Often Should You Change Your Pillow?

Making sure your pillow isn’t worn out is one of the most important factors for a premium night’s sleep. Although the lifespan of every pillow is different, a general rule of thumb is to change every 1-2 years. However, using a good quality pillow protector can help with longevity, while also adding an extra layer of support. 

  Here are some of the top signs that you should replace your pillow;

  • It’s stained or discoloured
  • You wake up with aches — particularly in your neck and shoulders
  • You have started to get tension headaches
  • It’s lumpy and uneven
  • If you fold your pillow in half, it doesn’t spring back

Choosing the right pillow filling

There are several different options for the fill of a pillow, each changing the weight, firmness and overall feel. The prices vary depending on which filling you decide to choose. However, the most important factor is that your pillow is comfortable, breathable and offers a good amount of support.

Feather and Down

Wanting to add a little luxury to your bedroom? Feather and down pillows are considered a soft, elegant and luxurious option when it comes to bedding. They also tend to have a longer lifespan, staying plump and supportive for longer. 

Our DUSK feather and down pillows are moldable, soft and ideal for snuggling into after a long day, encased in a breathable cotton percale to help regulate your body temperature while you sleep. Our feather and down designs are also easy to look after — simply replump your pillows in order to keep their luxurious and sumptuous shape. 

If you’re looking for more information when deciding between the cuddly duck down pillows and decadent goose down, then take a look at our blog on duck down vs. goose down to answer any questions you have..

Microfibre Pillows

Microfibre pillows are a great alternative to feather and down, with luxurious feels like down hypoallergenic options available — perfect for any allergy sufferers. Similarly to natural feather options, microfibre pillows are breathable, keeping you cool in the summer and acting as an insulator in cooler months. 

Here at DUSK, we have crafted a beautiful collection of feels like down pillows. These have been designed to mimic the feel of natural fillings and are available with support options from soft to firm. For your ideal slumber, choose whether to layer or have one perfect pillow for a splendid night’s sleep.

Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows have become more popular in recent years due to the fact that they form to your individual shape. With the ability to soften to the contours of your head and neck, they have become a go-to for people with back and neck pain. 

These pillows are often more long lasting and offer a firm, strong support. However, due to the density of the material, they’re not quite as breathable as other fillings, making them much warmer in the summer months.

Considerations When Choosing A Pillow

When it comes to picking your new pillows, there’s more to consider than purely the materials and fill used. This includes the size, shape, firmness and weight. 

Your pillow supports your head and neck in the same way a mattress supports your back, yet we often don’t give our pillows the same consideration. As such, choosing the perfect filling, firmness and weight can be crucial in helping you achieve a good night’s sleep.

Do You Prefer A Heavier Or Lightweight Pillow?

For a lightweight pillow, choosing feather and down or microfibre that you can reshape as you sleep is the best option. If you like the feel of a heavier pillow, memory foam may be the best option for you as it benefits from having more support and being highly durable.

How Firm Is Your Pillow?

No matter what type of pillow you choose, you can select your desired firmness. The amount of support all depends on the way the pillow is packed and the ratio of filling that’s used. For example, if there is a larger percentage of feather to down, your pillow will be firmer. While a softer microfibre pillow will be less densely packed, making it more pliable. 

Choosing the perfect firmness for your pillow often depends on the position you sleep in.

What Is The Perfect Pillow For Your Sleep Style? 

We know that while there are general guidelines for which pillow you should choose based on your sleeping style, they are not 100% clear cut due to many of us changing our sleeping position during the night. 

If You Sleep On Your Back 

Choose a thin and soft pillow in order to keep your head aligned with your spine. Memory foam is often a good option for back sleepers as it moulds to cradle your head and neck perfectly.

If You Sleep On Your Stomach

Sleeping on your stomach can put a lot of strain on your lower back. Consequently using the thinnest pillow you can find, or no pillow at all, will relieve that stress causing you less pain. 

If You Sleep On Your Side

Look for a pillow that is slightly firmer and thicker. It should be approximately the same thickness and the distance between your ear and shoulder in order to take some of the pressure off your neck and spine. 

Consider Your Pillow Cases

Finally, in order to completely finish off your perfect pillow, as well as create a beautiful looking bed, ensure that you have a supreme cotton pillow case. To enjoy the best night’s sleep, opt for quality Egyptian cotton for breathability or select sumptuous sateen for unparalleled comfort.

Which type of pillow do you prefer? Will you be choosing a natural or microfibre filling? We’d love to hear! Let us know on Facebook or Instagram.