Blue Cushions & Throws

Dress your bed in style with a luxury navy bedspread or bed throw. Introduce a rich and timeless tone by topping off your duvet cover with a quilted blue bedspread or chunky throw, then finish off the look with beautiful navy cushion covers.
Choose from beautiful knitted designs for a cosy escape or make your bedroom feel more luxurious with velvet and faux silk. No matter which collection you choose, our navy and blue cushion covers, throws and bedspreads will make your bedroom feel effortlessly stylish.

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Navy Bedroom Accessories FAQs

How to style navy cushions?

Styling navy cushions can add depth, contrast, and a touch of sophistication to your space. Here are some tips on how to style navy cushions effectively:

Mix Textures

Incorporate a variety of textures like velvet, silk, linen, or faux fur in navy to add depth and interest to your decor.

Contrast with Light Colours

Place navy cushions on light-coloured furniture or bedding to create a striking contrast. This allows the navy to pop and draw attention.

Pair with Neutrals

Navy pairs beautifully with neutral shades, such as white, beige, grey, and cream. This combination creates a timeless and elegant look.

Complement with Metallics

Introduce metallic accents like gold, silver, or copper to add a touch of glamour to your decor. Metallics work particularly well with navy, bringing subtle opulence to a room. Whether it’s on the handles of drawers or bedside tables or a metallic lampshade, there are many ways to weave decadent points of interest into your decor. 

What colours go best with navy?

A colour that’s gained vast popularity in homes in recent years, here are a handful of shades that pair best with navy blue:

  • - Burnt orange
  • - Mustard yellow
  • - Bright pink
  • - Emerald green
  • - Metallic gold

How to style a navy throw?

If you’re looking for unique ways to style a navy throw, here are our top tips:

  • - Drape Over Furniture: Place the navy throw casually over the back of a sofa or armchair. This creates an inviting and cosy atmosphere.
  • - Layer with Textures: Combine the navy throw with other textures like faux fur, knits, or silk for added depth and interest.

  • - Use as a Bedding Accent: Fold the navy throw at the foot of your bed for a polished and layered look. This instantly adds an extra layer of warmth and style.
  • - Add Depth to a Reading Nook: Place the navy throw on a chair or chaise in your reading nook to create a cosy and inviting space.