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What Makes Bedding Truly Luxurious?

27 Oct 2019

To sum up what makes luxury bedding truly luxurious, we have created a list to make sure you are ticking off all the right things while on the look-out for beautiful bedding.

Always choose high quality fabric

Cotton bedding is one of the most popular types of bedding. Used for many different purposes, the world over, cotton has unique qualities that make it breathable and warm, ideal for sleeping in as body temperatures vary during the night. Not only that, but cotton is a strong and durable fabric that stands the test of time and therefore, stays looking good for longer. Used in all our duvet sets and bed linen collections at DUSK, it doesn't take a discerning eye to spot the high quality of our bedding products.

Layer your fabrics

By layering fabrics, you are building colours and textures to create your own unique sense of comfort and warmth. Introducing different patterns next to one another or against a plain background can help them stand out and make a real, yet subtle style statement. Coupling cushions or colours that match will create a more conservative feel, while mixing up colours and textures will generate a more varied and casual look. An Aspen throw or a Helsinki faux fur throw from DUSK are both tactile and striking to look at, place these on top of pure white bed linen to make an elegant yet, eclectic statement.

Pay attention to detail

True luxury consists of several elements, one being the fine detail. It is easy to overlook this when you have an eye on the big picture, but detail is everything. Delicate threads, patterns and weaves create an important part of the, big picture‚ when it comes to luxury duvet sets. At DUSK, this detail can be seen in our Wimbledon duvet set with its effective understated stripes; the Positano cotton duvet set with a neat Oxford border and in the Lisbon duvet set with delicate lace edging.

Colour coordinate

Coordinating colours and patterns is not about making everything match but understanding which tones complement each other or work together to create the ambience you want in your bedroom. Luxury bedding sets allow you to set the scene using the focal point of your bed. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the colours and what surrounds it can highlight it even more. Gentle and natural colours like beiges and pinks evoke a feeling of calmness and peace, precisely the environment you need in a bedroom.

Finally, although paying less for luxury does not serve as a "tip" it is certainly something that helps. Remember that luxury is not equal to a high price tag. DUSK's cotton and linen bedding, bed spreads, cushions and duvets are all exceptionally good quality but they are priced fairly and to add to that, we often have sales on many of our products. Have a look at our luxury bed linen collections available in a full range of sizes, from super king duvet to single duvet.

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