5 Ways To Stay Warm In Bed This Winter

5 Ways To Stay Warm In Bed This Winter - DUSK

Forget the feeling of climbing into freezing cold sheets. Read our top tips to create the cosiest, most comfortable and hibernation-worthy bed this winter.

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When it comes to winter, there's many ways to prepare your home, but what about keeping your bed warm? Here at DUSK, we understand the importance of getting your bed just right and in the winter, that means making it cosy and hibernation-worthy.

In this blog post, we explore the most effective ways of designing a truly toasty bed. After all, there's nothing worse than feeling the piercing cold of an icy sheet or a chilly duvet, especially when you're craving comfort after a long, hard day. The only problem is, you may never want to leave.


Fix the Environment First

Does your bedroom feel somewhat glacial? Do you wake up and dread leaving your cocoon of covers? Or have to brace yourself before stepping out onto the freezing floor? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the first step is to focus on your bedroom's problem areas.

Seal up any gaps or cracks around your windows to prevent heat escaping and banish chilly draughts; if the layout permits, move your bed away from cool exterior walls and ensure it's not blocking the radiator, to allow heat to circulate through your bedroom; and aim to keep your room between 16 and 18C, as this is the optimum temperature for sleeping.


Create the Cosiest Bed


Imagine the cosiest, most comfortable bed and you'll probably picture piles upon piles of bedding throws and cushions‚ and you'd be right. In fact, layering is one of the best ways to add warmth to your bed. Each piece of bedding traps a layer of hot hair, ensuring your bed not only feels snug but stays that way, too.

Sneak in an extra layer (or two) by investing in an indulgent goose down mattress topper (down and feather products are incredible insulators); place a flat sheet beneath your duvet (this will provide an additional layer of warmth close to your body); and finish with a chunky throw or quilted bedspread (we recommend the former for a single or double and the latter for a king or super king).


Go for a Thicker Tog


When it comes to deciding on a duvet, the tog rating is crucial, as this measures how well a duvet is able to trap air and keep you warm. For this reason, lower tog ratings like 4.5 are often referred to as summer duvets, while higher 13.5 tog quilts are commonly known as winter duvets.

Upgrade to a thicker tog to stay snug, night after night. We recommend our goose down all seasons duvet for the ultimate comfort and breathability (our feels like down option is the ideal alternative if you have allergies). This quilt is comprised of one 4.5 and one 9-tog duvet, allowing for the ultimate flexibility. Use both layers together for winter warmth or separate the duvets to use all year round.


Prepare Before Bed


In addition to creating a bed that's as cosy as possible, make sure you focus on your pre-bed rituals, too. There's lots of little changes and adjustments you can incorporate into your bedtime routine that could not only help you feel warm, but also enjoy a better night's sleep.

Try some gentle yoga to improve your circulation before bed, but don't do anything too strenuous that could make it difficult to drift off. If yoga isn't your thing, then a hot bath or shower will warm you up and make you feel sleepy. While throwing on a pair of fluffy socks or soft wool pyjamas is guaranteed to leave you snug.


Warm Up and Wind Down


Getting into a cold bed is not an enticing proposition, especially when you're ready to enter the land of nod. Instead of crawling under the covers just before going to sleep, plan a wind down routine to give yourself some time to adjust and allow your bed to warm up.

Curl up with your favourite book, relax with some restful music or jot down your thoughts in your journal. Heat up your bed before you get in with a hot water bottle or a microwaveable wheat bag, for twice the benefit, try a sleep-inducing scent like lavender.


There you have it, five cold-bed remedies to ensure your bed stays warm this winter.

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