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Ways to Sleep Better and Feel Better with Luxury Bedding

26 Oct 2019

Sleeping is one of the most crucial aspects of our overall health and well-being yet so often we do not get it right.

There are many factors involved with a getting quality sleep, from physical and mental health reasons and even room temperature and working patterns.

One of the simple, yet most effective things you can do is analyse your existing bedding. It may not be the complete answer to your sleeping problems, but it can make a difference. So, if you're after some top tips on getting a good night's sleep with comfortable and deluxe bedding to boot, you've come to the right place.

Evaluate your current bedding situation

Whether it's luxury bedding or not, the first step is to consider what kind of bedding you currently have. This means taking a step back and evaluating your mattress, pillows, sheets and duvet covers. Are they up to the mark?

Is your mattress stained, tired looking, are springs visible and noticeable when sleeping? If so, it will be time for a new one. But what about bed linen sets and pillows? Getting new bedding that does its job well makes a real difference to your quality of sleep. Floppy pillows may no longer be able to support your body correctly as you sleep, thinning and grey sheets do nothing to make you feel cosy and a discoloured and old duvet set is more morose than luxurious and lavish.

Don't buy bed linen the hard way

Once you've established that your bedding is in need of an update, take a look online first. When you buy bed linen online you immediately cut out time and energy sifting through sheets, bed spreads and pillow cases that often look very similar.

Having time to read clear and concise product information to help select the correct type and style of your bedding can help reduce the chance of picking up the wrong size or product. At Dusk, we have regular discounts on our cotton bedding, take a look at our current luxury bedding sale here.

Opt for the best material

The next move you should make is choosing the right material. We recommend using cotton as this is a fabric with many different advantages.

Firstly, it is breathable, meaning it acts as a wick, removing moisture from the body, making it superior to polyester, for example. It is also very easy to look after; it dries easily and quickly both on a washing line, indoors or in a tumble dryer; it can be washed at a regular temperature and it can be ironed too, if necessary.

Cotton sheets can be kept for many years if you look after them as they still look good, probably the main reason why cotton or linen bedding sets are the top choice for many quality hotels.

Find the right design

Naturally, and not least of all, the design of your bedding is crucial in how comfortable you feel in it. Our speciality at Dusk is luxury white bedding in all different sizes, from small singles to luxury king size bedding sets, not forgetting double and super king sizes too! We also focus on colours, patterns and styles that complement a white, clean look.

One of our most popular double bedding sets is the Mayfair which is the epitome of hotel room chic. Made from a 400 thread count, the cotton sateen fabric it is made from is shiny and smooth and decorated uniquely with a definite but subtle stitched edging. Conversely, but equally, the Chelsea collection is made from cotton percale which offers a more crisp and cool look with a more delicate border of stitching. To get a fully rounded idea of the luxury bedding sets we have a Dusk we recommend that you scroll through the complete collection.

To take a look at some of our currently discounted white bedding sets have a look here.

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