Elevate Your Living Room With DUSK’s Furniture Collection

Elevate Your Living Room With DUSK’s Furniture Collection - DUSK
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Creating your dream living room has never been easier with DUSK’s fabulous furniture. Our range of stylish collections offers designs for every interior, so you're sure to find the perfect pieces for your ideal living room. 

From contemporary sofas and sleek sideboards to colour schemes, layout and lighting, in this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to create a cosy and cohesive lounge in no time at all.

Explore the DUSK Living Room Furniture Collection

Our array of living room furniture offers high-quality craftsmanship that stands the test of time. Each unique collection has its own signature style, so you can hand-pick the pieces that are perfect for you.

The Gracie Collection

The stunning Gracie collection, including drawers, modern TV units and sideboards, is suited for those who want their home to exude timeless luxury. Each piece in the collection is available in light or dark colour schemes, perfect for a striking monochromatic home. The elegant, ridged detail across these pieces makes them even more striking and the gold handles bring subtle touch of art-deco glamour. 

The Aria Collection

The Aria collection is undeniably stylish. The dark wood veneer finish is timeless and classic, while the angular matte black handles further enhance the sleek look of each design. Discover chests of drawers, console tables and TV stands in this stunning style. 

The Edie Collection

Soft and elegant, the Edie collection is perfect for those wanting light and airy decor. Within this collection, you’ll discover beautiful pine topped pieces with contrasting cream paintwork, ideal for a cosy, farmhouse-chic look. 

Alternatively, if you’re searching for a minimalist aesthetic, opt for one of our pure white furniture pieces within this collection. Featuring drawers with matte brushed silver handles, these bring a touch of sophistication to your interior.

The Sienna Collection

If you want to encapsulate a truly timeless living room, explore our Sienna collection. Discover TV stands, console tables, drawers and more, each finished with elegant gold handles for a contemporary aesthetic. 

The ivory veneer finish is classic and cosy, while the black provides a bold and decadent statement that brings depth and dimension to your space. Each embodies true luxury that’s further enhanced by the classic panel boarders.

The Heidi Collection

Composed of solid oak furniture, our Heidi collection comprises stylish coffee tables, side tables and dining tables. Whether you’re going for Scandi-chic vibes or are simply looking to incorporate natural materials into your decor, our Heidi collection blends seamlessly with any interior.

Explore the DUSK Sofa Collection

Pair your fabulous furniture with pieces from one of our DUSK sofa collections. Designed with both comfort and style in mind, you’ll love curling up on these plush pieces all-year-round.

The Soho Collection

Blissfully comfortable, our Soho collection features pocket sprung seats and soft back cushions with a down like feel. Available in a selection of premium fabrics, including chenille, linen look, boucle and matte velvet, these perfectly plush sofas look as marvellous as they feel. 

The Brooklyn Collection

Upholstered in sumptuously soft ivory chenille, the Brooklyn collection is ideal for a scandi-inspired home. The clean lines marry perfectly with a minimalist aesthetic whilst the chenille upholstery is wonderfully soft to the touch. At the end of a long day, you’ll adore sinking into the fibre filled back cushions.

The Hampshire Collection

Timeless and traditional, our Hampshire collection sofas are available in chenille, linen look, textured weave and velvet. Available in a rainbow of colours, these sofas are wonderful for the colour palette of any home. The smooth and gentle lines evoke comfort and softness, which is echoed in the perfect plushness of the foam and fibre filled seats. A classic touch is added by the stylish oak legs. 

The Chesterfield Collection

With a design that harks back to the Victorian era, the Chesterfield collection is perfect for pairing with an older home or antique living room furniture.  Upholstered in stunning stone-hued matte velvet, the quilted button design adds eye-catching flair whilst the dark wood frame brings durability and a stylish colour contrast. 

The Portland Collection

The plush, matte velvet of the sofas in our Portland collection is luxurious to the touch. Comprising of 2 and 3-seater options, alongside the matching pouffe and loveseat, this collection is crafted in a neutral ecru shade that pairs seamlessly with an array of interiors.

The Hudson Collection

Ideal for those who love to host guests, our Hudson collection sofa beds feature an innovative 2-in-1 design that can easily adapt to your needs. With their clever click-clack design, simply adjust your Hudson sofa and watch it effortlessly transform into a bed when you need an extra sleep space for visitors. The soft fibre filling makes these sofas ideal for both sitting and slumbering.

The Sloane Collection

Our Sloane collection perfectly balances timeless charm with a clean, contemporary feel. The subtle piping design and quilted seam detailing make these pieces absolutely exquisite additions to any home. With sleek lines, these pieces have a strikingly stylish look which is only enhanced by the chic black legs.

The Seattle Collection

Our Seattle sofas double as sumptuously soft beds thanks to their innovative click-clack design. Simply bend the back forwards until you hear a click and then ease backwards, transforming your sofa into a bed and your space into a charming guest bedroom.  Plus, the smart wooden legs blend beautifully with any interior. 

The Montana Collection

Featuring plush armchairs with invitingly rounded edges, the Montana collection exudes comfort. Sink into the sumptuously soft fibre filling as you sit down, supported by the beautiful wooden frame. Perfect for lovers of softness and cosiness. 

Designing Your Dream Living Room

Once you have your beautiful living room furniture, you’re halfway to your dream lounge. Now it’s time to style your furniture to enhance its fabulous appearance.

Layout and Space Planning: Maximising Your Living Room’s Potential

A layout can make or break your living room’s aesthetic. You want to strike a delicate balance- spacious but not cold, cosy but not crowded. Luckily, our advice can help you.

Choose a centrepiece or focal point for your lounge. This could be a TV unit that your furniture points toward or a coffee table that you gather your seating around. You can then build your layout out from this focal point, starting with the largest pieces like sofas and sideboards and ending with smaller furniture items like side tables

Another thing to consider when laying out the living room is the main purpose of the space. Will it be primarily an entertainment space? In that case, angling seating toward a TV unit is a great choice. An L-shaped or U-shaped sofa is ideal for group watch parties or gaming nights. Or if you see your living room as more of a conversation space, try parallel sofas at either side of a coffee table, with an additional sofa or cosy armchair at the head, an ideal layout for intimate chatting with guests. 

When it comes to placing your furniture, we advise always having at least a few inches of space between each piece and the wall. This makes the space seem more open and inviting, adding a greater flow of air and light. 

You can avoid your living room becoming too one-note by incorporating different sizes and shapes. Visually pleasing levels can be created with a low coffee table just below the seat of your sofa, then a large sideboard behind the frame. 

Creating nooks is also a wonderful way to add your personality to your layout. For book lovers, a reading nook is a delightful way to have a cosy corner in your living room just for you. 

Colour Palette: Choosing the Right Colours to Complement your Furniture

A colour palette has so much influence on the mood, atmosphere and aesthetic of your living room, so picking the right scheme is a key part of creating a stunning lounge.

For a minimalist aesthetic, Scandi inspired whites, as well as creams and beiges, are stunning, being pared back and quiet yet cosily reminiscent of a snowy landscape. Or chic monochromatic minimalism can be achieved with a black and white colour scheme.

For an air of opulence, try jewel tones. A deep blue or deep green sofa pairs exquisitely with dark wood furniture for a rich and luxurious look. Or instead, try pastels for a soft and cheerful look. A pale pink or blue sofa works beautifully with soft beige or cream furniture. 

Of course, you don’t want a living room that looks too uniform. To avoid this, layer colours using accessories such as cushions and throws. Adding patterned cushions and throws is an ideal way to add flair to a block colour sofa. 

Lighting and Accessories: Enhancing the Ambience

Lighting can have a striking influence on a room. Choosing between warm or cool white lighting can instantly change the tone of the atmosphere you’re trying to create. Warm white is cosy, intimate and inviting, whilst cool white is bright, energising, vibrant and reminiscent of natural daylight.

Layered lighting is another gorgeous way to accessorise a living room. Placing chic lamps on sideboards, side tables and coffee tables can make them look stunningly stylish. Then, when it’s time to cuddle up for a movie night or reading, they gently illuminate the lounge once the main light is switched off. 

Candles are another stunning lighting enhancement, perfect to perch on a TV unit or console table. Opt for scented candles to enhance the ambience further with your favourite aromas. 

Another way to enhance the beauty of the space is through ornamentation. Add greenery with plants, pops of colour with your favourite flowers and chic, sleek vases. Accessories through soft furnishings are another wonderful option for enhancing your lounge.

Adorn your couch with pretty cushions in gorgeous colours or contrasting textures such as fur and velvet to add further dimension to the space. Bring warmth and style with sumptuous throws, laid over the back of your sofa, placed on your seat cushions and draped over the side of an armchair. These subtle little touches, though they may seem small, make a dramatic change to the overall look of a space. 

Co-ordinating Pieces Within the DUSK Collection

When selecting living room furniture, a seamless look can be created by choosing furniture pieces from the same collection, however, opting for contrasting pieces can be wonderful for a dynamic space.

Do you have a stunning old piece of furniture? A treasured antique coffee table can stand out spectacularly when surrounded by stylish modern seating. An eclectic collection featuring different sizes, shapes and styles is truly wonderful for showcasing your personality in your space. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Materials Are Used in the DUSK Collection?

At DUSK we use a range of high quality and luxurious materials in our furniture collection.

  • Chenille: This sumptuous fabric is made by threads called piles wrapped around a tightly woven core. This adds wonderful texture as well as durability.
  • Linen Look: Offering the gorgeous appearance of linen, without the wrinkling and sun fading that often comes with it.
  • Boucle: The cosy, woolly texture of this fabric is sublimely soft.
  • Velvet: Associated with luxury and glamour, velvet has a flatter pile, making it hard to snag.
  • Oak: Famously durable and long lasting, oak also offers an absolutely beautiful grain.
  • Pine: Wonderfully lightweight, the straight lined grain of this wood is so attractive in the home.
  • Birch: A sturdy wood that is fabulously resistant to decay.
  • MDF: This engineered wood is incredibly moisture resistant and difficult to snap or warp. 

Does DUSK Offer Delivery and Assembly Services? 

DUSK happily delivers furniture in the UK for just £12.99. Our large pieces are dispatched within five days of your order via a two man delivery service. For smaller items and more, our deliveries page can explain further.

As for assembly, many of our living room furniture pieces arrive fully built and ready to place in your home. With some of our sofas, the legs do require attachment, but this can be done simply with instructions available on the product page.

Discover our DUSK living room furniture collection for a lounge of luxury. Plus, you can find more interior decor inspiration with our blogs on quiet luxury and space optimisation, as well as on our Instagram