Patterned Cushions & Throws

Transform your home with our collection of patterned cushions, perfect to add a little extra colour and texture to your home. Our patterned cushion covers are available in a range of colours and designs so you can scatter them across your sofa or place onto your bed, the opportunities are endless.
Use a patterned throw or bedspread to finish off the look. You will love the sumptuously soft materials and how it can easily transform your white bedding with a little bit of pattern.

Patterned Cushions and Throws FAQs

How can I arrange cushions on a sofa?

Cushions elevate the style of your sofa in mere moments - especially when they boast bold and beautiful patterns.

Place an equal number of cushions on either side of the couch, mirroring each other for simply stunning symmetry. Or be bold and create an asymmetrical look. Ways to do this include using a different number of cushions on either side or using different patterns in each arrangement. 

Layer cushions by having two larger cushions with a smaller cushion in the front. This works well with a patterned cushion in front of two matching plain cushions, allowing the pattern to stand out against a solid colour background. 

How do I mix and match cushions?

Mix and match cushions by choosing two to three colours that complement one another. This could be colours that commonly pair together like green and brown, or colours that create a bold coordinated clash like black and white.

Mixing and matching is also a fabulous way to make patterned cushions stand out. You can do this by mixing them with plain cushions or combining two patterns together. Why not partner straight stripes with jagged geometric lines for an eye-catching look?

How can I arrange cushions on a bed?

Add style to your slumber spot by accessorising your bed with beautiful cushions.

For a single bed, one large cushion in front of your pillows can be simple yet stunning. Or you can elevate this minimalist style by layering one smaller cushion in front of your large cushion for a gorgeous cascading effect.

For a double bed, try dressing each side separately as you would a single bed and then creating symmetry with a stand-out centre cushion. Or instead, use two large cushions and a smaller cushion for an elegant diamond formation in the centre.

For a king sized bed or super king, why not create a bold line with a row of cushions in front of your pillows? Lay the cushions next to each other, with the edges overlapping slightly to create layers. Make this an eye-catching formation by using cushions of alternating colours or patterns — for example, alternate blue and pink cushions or patterned with plain.