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Does Luxury Bedding help us lead healthy Lives?

08 Oct 2019

Does Luxury Bedding help us lead healthy lives? Yes, absolutely.

The top 10 best detoxes, the latest exercise regimes, the finest herbal teas. We've all heard of them as a means of leading a healthier lifestyle but what about sleep? Awareness is growing on the importance of sleep, yet it remains a less well-known form of achieving health and well-being, and the role of the best luxury bedding to achieve optimum sleep, is lesser well-known.

Sleep is all-encompassing. Not only is the act of sleeping crucial to being healthy but the environment and the materials you sleep in are also important. At DUSK, our luxury bedding is coveted by our customers for all kinds of reasons. For the look, the feel, the effortless design and supreme quality. More and more, customers are coming to us in the pursuit of a healthy night's sleep too.

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The benefits of cotton bedding

There are several ways in which cotton bedding benefits health:

1. Allergies are kept away with cotton bedding

Cotton sheets are hypoallergenic, meaning they trigger fewer allergic reactions than many other materials. This is thanks to the few chemicals used in the making of cotton sheets, that can often be a source of allergies. They are known to be resistant to moisture and odors too.

2. Help with temperature regulation

Natural fabrics like cotton are more breathable and as such, they are better at regulating body temperature than other types of materials. This means air can circulate better and in extremes of temperature the body is kept at a comfortable throughout the night.

3. They absorb moisture

Moisture can be pulled from the body with cotton sheets, creating a wicking effect, and preventing too much sweating which can cause bacteria to grow. Cotton also smells good for longer as it does not hold on to bacteria and moisture as much as other fabrics do. It feels better too, making for a soft sleeping experience thanks to the weave of the cotton which makes a difference to the crisp and cool feeling of the material.

4. Mental well-being

As well as physical well-being there is also the need for mental wellness too. Get it right with a light and airy design and the aesthetic of your white cotton duvet set or any light and bright cotton duvet and you could improve your mental well-being too. A dull and dank bedroom with too many dark colours can have the reverse effect.

So, when looking at luxury duvet sets, consider how the material will benefit your health. Will your super king duvet be super at protecting you from allergies? Will your new white duvet set be breathable enough to keep you cool at night? At DUSK, our luxury ranges of cotton bed linen are designed with the best quality in every respect. Shop online today.

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