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Easy Hacks to Turn your Bedroom into a Sleep Haven

11 Oct 2019

Don't have time to read the latest paperback on how to get a good night's sleep? Don't worry, we've put together some hacks that will help and hopefully give you more time to rest! Have a look at our six simple ways to improve your sleeping and transform your room into a sleeping sanctuary.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Okay, so this sounds a little mathematical but it is important to remember. When you are trying to create an ambience, a feel, a luxury element to your bedroom, there is not one single solution. Rather, it is collection of components that add up to something greater. For instance, throwing on some designer bedding or using a king size duvet instead of a double, will not equate to luxury. To gain a sleep haven't you need to blend all components together.

Dim the lights

Now for a more practical tip. Set the tone in your room by turning down the lights and drawing the curtains as soon as you come to bed. This automatically makes you more inclined to relax and feel ready to wind down. Our bodies tune in to darkness and our eyes can detect light, even when they are closed, causing us to wake up.

Turning off your night lamp, your main light and fully closing the blinds in your bedroom can help prevent against disruptive sleep. This includes lights emitted by phones and other electronic devices you may have by the bed (you might want to remove these also). You should also consider changing your bedside lamp bulb from LEDs too as this blue light can keep you awake more than other more yellow coloured bulbs.

Pick a mattress protector

When it comes to bedding hacks, one of the best tips is to get a good quality mattress protector. Not only do mattress protectors help keep your mattress in good condition, they also provide another layer of comfort to your bed. DUSK's 100% cotton mattress protector helps to preserve your mattress by keeping it clean but comfort-wise, it's a winner too, with its breathable cotton to keep you cool, fresh and destined for a blissful sleep.

Take time for design

Finding the right kind of design to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom can seem like a daunting task when faced with so many different bedding collections. One of the most popular and loved styles is white bedding. As a pure and wholesome colour, without the addition of busy and garish patterns naturally sets a relaxed mood.

Plump for a pillow protector

Modern bedding is just one component that makes up the full sleep haven inventory but what about the pillows? Choosing the right filling for your pillow can make all the difference. Goose down and duck down pillows are some of the most popular fills that allow for medium to high support for your neck and head, meaning you get comfortable night's sleep. To ensure that pillows are maintained well, you will also need to bring on board a pillow protector. DUSK's pillow protectors are made from 100% cotton and fit perfectly over your pillow with an extra quilted layer for guaranteed comfort.

Invest in luxury throws and cushions

Finally, don't forget layering. If you can master the art of layering luxury cushions and throws then you are one step closer to a sleep haven. Mixing fabrics like chunky knits and white cotton emphasises a relaxed environment. You can also create a visual interest with subtle patterns and elegant finishes to your pillows and sheets. For example, if you want to create an idyllic guest bedroom, arrange a line of assorted quilted channeled cushion covers from DUSK's Twilight range, on top of your single bed linen. For further ideas and choices, have a look at our range here.

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