Plain Cushions & Throws

Add texture and colour to your home without taking away from that chic feel using our collection of plain cushions, throws and bedspreads. Our plain white cushion covers will add texture while still making your home feel crisp and fresh, where our plain grey cushions will add a touch of glamour.
A subtle grey throw is the ideal addition to any bedroom or living space. Elegantly drape a plain throw over your bed or sofa and it will be the perfect evening companion.

Plain Cushions and Throws FAQs

How do I match my cushions to my sofa?

Adding the perfect cushions to your sofa elevates the style and comfort of your living room instantly. But which cushions are a match made in heaven for your couch?

We love pairing cushions and sofas of different materials to add texture and dimension. Think plain wool cushions to soften a chenille sofa or faux silk cushions against a velvet couch for a sophisticated look and feel. 

Colour matching is also something to consider carefully. Choosing cushions that are the same colour as your sofa, but a different shade, can create a gorgeous layering effect. 

Or instead, choose contrasting colours- pairing black cushions with a white couch produces a stylish and striking appearance, whilst vibrant cushions brighten a grey sofa

How do I match my throw to my room?

Adding a throw is an instant style booster. But how do you find a throw that’s a perfect aesthetic fit?

The simplest way is to match your throw to your sofa, exploring what colours pair best with the upholstery. However, that’s not your only option. Try gathering inspiration from other aspects of your lounge decor.

For example, try matching your throw to your curtain colour. Or perhaps there’s a standard ornament colour in your lounge or bedroom that you could draw inspiration from? 

How do I style a throw on a bed?

Throws add so much cosiness, comfort and flair to your bed.

Fold your throw in half and place it across the foot of the bed. This adds extra texture and a pop of colour to your bedding while keeping your feet toasty as you sleep. Or instead, place your folded throw across the middle of the bed, breaking up the solid block colour of your duvet.

In the chillier months, place your throw directly over your bedding for that extra layer of insulation, keeping your bed warm for snuggling up at night. 

On warmer nights, if you’re worried about making your bed too hot, drape your throw gracefully over your headboard. This has the added benefit of providing extra cushioning for your head and back when sitting in bed reading or watching TV.

Another relaxed and simple option is to hang your throw on the corner of your headboard, ready to grab whenever extra comfort or warmth is needed.