Discover our extensive range of stylish cushions here at DUSK. Crafted from the finest premium fabric, each of our cushions is made to stand the test of time within your home. Whether you mix and match different colours to create a striking scatter cushion effect or opt for just a few bold, statement ones, we have an array of styles to suit every interior.

Bedroom Cushions FAQs

How to arrange bed cushions

Throw cushions are an essential part of creating the perfect aesthetic in your bedroom. However, with such a wide choice of different sizes and shapes, it can be tricky to know what will work best in your bedroom.

Discover our top tips to help you on your bedroom style mission:

Minimalist Style

For a stylish minimalistic look, stick to symmetry and even numbers. Keeping your cushions at a straight angle will create sleek, crisp lines. Simply stack one larger cushion behind a smaller cushion for a layered and sophisticated look. 

Mix & Match

If you want to choose a look that adds a little extra interest, mixing and matching your cushions to create purposeful asymmetry will create a unique and modern style. Start with white bed linen to provide a blank canvas and then play around with patterns and textures with your soft furnishings. 

Pretty Palettes 

Whether you go for bold statement colours or muted pastels, sticking to a cohesive colour palette is the key to creating harmony in any room. Your colour scheme can be easily dispersed throughout your room by selecting matching accessories such as throws and curtains as well as your choice of bed linen

What order should bed cushions go in?

When it comes to styling your bed, cushions are an important factor to get right. If you want to create a stylish scattered effect, opt for your pillows first, laid flat on your mattress. Then add an assortment of cushions on top, propped in an upright position. 

For a creative feel, asymmetry is the way to go, so choose odd numbers when styling your cushions. 
If you want a more simple, even look, opt for symmetrical cushions that decrease in size order, starting from the largest at the back to smaller cushions at the front. 

How many cushions should I have on my sofa?

Too many cushions on your sofa can look too busy, whilst not enough cushions may look sparse and unwelcoming. For a two-seater sofa, opt for 2-4 cushions to create the perfect balance. For a three-seater sofa, you’ll have space to add more cushions which will give you the opportunity to add depth with colours and patterns.