Bathroom Collections

Create a bathroom of bliss with DUSK's luxurious collection of bathroom furnishings. Explore the fluffiest towels, sumptuous bathrobes and softest bath mats made from high quality cotton to transform your humble bathroom into the self-care paradise you've always dreamed of. 

With our luxurious facecloths, you can elevate your skincare regime to spa-like standards whilst our vast bath sheets comfortably cocoon you after a shower. Plus, our stylish storage baskets are absolutely ideal for storing your towel collection or bath and body care products.

With DUSK's exquisite bathroom furnishings, your me-time becomes infinitely more relaxing, it's truly like a spa in your home.

Bathroom FAQs

What furnishings do I need for my bathroom?

Before picking out your bathroom furnishings, first decide on a colour scheme to create the perfect bathroom atmosphere. A classic black and white look is always sophisticated, whilst opting for warm neutrals is ideal for a cosy spa feel.

One obvious bathroom essential is towels. Choose wonderfully soft 100% cotton to treat your skin to the very best. For more sublime skincare, add washcloths to your bathroom. These perfectly cleanse and exfoliate your face for a glorious glow. 

Slips and trips are well avoided with our gorgeous bath mats. Plus, they perfectly cushion your feet against the bathroom tiles. 

For all of your bathroom products, you’ll need plenty of storage space. Opt for stylish shelves or sleek cupboards, or try our elegant baskets

Another bathroom furnishing recommendation is seating. This is ideal for those who love to do their makeup in bathroom lighting and a perch for parents bathing their children. 

Finally, finish with candles and essential oil diffusers for that relaxing spa feel.

How do I furnish my small bathroom?

Furnishing a small bathroom may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be with our helpful tips. 

  • - Declutter: Remove all non-essentials from your bathroom and store away the important items in cupboards and shelves, which brings us to step two.
  • - Incorporate smart storage: Use shallow cabinets and adjustable shelves to store away bath products. Utilise wall spaces like corners by showers and beneath the sink. 
  • - Use mirrors: A large mirror placed opposite your window adds light and depth, making the room seem more spacious.
  • - Space-saving towel display. A sleek towel rack fastened against the bathroom wall is an ideal way to show off your stunning towels and bath sheets without taking up too much room.
  • - Opt for a shower bath: Whilst you may feel pressured to choose between the luxurious lounging of a bath and the quick convenience of a shower, a shower bath offers you the best of both worlds. 

Discover our guide to furnishing a small bathroom for further advice. 

How do I furnish my large bathroom? 

A vast bathroom is perfect for creating a home spa, but you may struggle to fill the space, leaving your bathroom feeling cold and clinical. Fear not, though - our advice will help you to make the most of the space.

A freestanding bath can be a stunning centrepiece for your spacious bathroom, allowing you to avoid the claustrophobia of tucking it into a corner. A roomy shower is also necessary, allowing you to create your own personal steam room.

Double basins are also a wonderful choice. They’re fabulous for couples and create gorgeous symmetry.

Take advantage of the ample space by using stylish storage. Display your luxurious towels on bathroom shelves, using spa-style folding or creative styling to have them looking their best.

Take up any awkward floor space with our exquisite bath mats. Cotton and cushioned, these perfect bathroom accessories will have you feeling as though you’re walking on air.

Lastly, add greenery to the space. Botanical beauty will make the room even more spa-like with a wonderfully zen aesthetic.