Why Do I Need a Mattress Topper & Protectors?

Why Do I Need a Mattress Topper & Protectors? - DUSK

Modern bedding takes on many different guises as the definitions of fashion and style take on a more individual slant. From designer bedding inspired by minimalism and covers that complement shabby chic to the rebirth of some of the floral classics, one thing that never goes out of style is luxury, something that we all seek on different levels and something that is personal to us all.

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When you're dreaming of the most luxurious and sumptuous bedroom accessories and materials, you'd be forgiven for omitting cotton pillow protectors or a king size mattress topper from your thoughts.

Yet, these out of sight bedding accoutrements can be the very foundation of all things luxury. Yes, they may not stand out aesthetically, but a high-quality topper or protector provides a very luxurious sleep. Let us explain...

1. They keep your bed and pillows looking good for longer

Nothing spells style like clean, crisp white sheets and on a spotless mattress, so ensuring yours look good at all times, is important. A spilt hot cocoa in the winter or toiletries that have accidentally been knocked over: mishaps can occur easily and can be difficult to remove, but a good quality mattress protector will make sure that spills and drips are not visible.

2. They help you keep cool

Cotton is a breathable and natural material and as such, it can regulate your body temperature while you sleep. Cotton can absorb the heat from your body, preventing you from waking up too hot and disrupting your sleep. As well as staying cool, cotton will also keep you warm, as it helps to retain body heat.

3. Allergies are kept away

A cotton mattress protector and pillow protectors will make sure your bed is kept hygienically clean and will keep dust mites at bay, ensuring you aren't affected by these and other irritants and allergens like mold and dead skin cells, during the night.

4. Extra layers provide comfort

Quilted protectors give an extra layer of softness while you sleep, as well as doing their main job protecting your mattress or pillow. A protector with an elasticated skirt is always a good idea to prevent it from slipping off while you rest.

5. Super support is provided

A luxury mattress topper is designed to sit on top of your mattress and provide support and softness. A mattress topper from DUSK is two-tiered with a top layer filled with goose down and a bottom layer packed with feathers for firm support. Available as a double mattress topper, king size mattress topper or a single mattress topper, the range is flexible on size, as well as being luxurious. And don't forget the removeable top layer can be machine washed.

Why pillow protectors?

Protecting your pillows is also important, just like your mattress, so remember to pop a pair of these in your basket when you're shopping online. Quilted pillow protectors allow for an extra layer of support while also keeping your pillow clean and free from dust and spills. Have a look at our range here.

Whether you're after a single mattress protector for a child's bedroom or topper for your super king size bed, DUSK's full range includes all sizes. Made from 100% cotton and often available at discounted prices, have a look at our complete topper and protector range here.