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What is Seersucker?

26 Oct 2021

Is seersucker bedding right for you? Selecting bed linen can be a hard decision, as there are so many options to choose from. Whether you select bedding by price, appearance, feel or even based on the time of year, why not take a step out of your comfort zone and try seersucker bedding?

Celebrity fans, such as Mrs Hinch, love seersucker bedding thanks to its airy appearance - and the fact you can get away with not ironing it! Recently, Mrs Hinch revealed she has been asked multiple times why she only had such a small ironing board. She responded by saying: ‚ buy Seersucker bedding, when it goes back on the bed (after washing) it bounces back perfectly fine so I don't iron my bed sheets, I don't iron my pillowcases.

In this blog post, the team at DUSK have put together everything you need to know about seersucker bedding, how to wash and care for it and which seasons seersucker is suitable for. 

DUSK's Seersucker Bedding 

DUSK has a beautiful range of bed linen, including some with the seersucker touch. The DUSK Mykonos duvet cover features a delicate 100% cotton seersucker weave with a super soft 200 thread count percale on the reverse. This alluring collection takes you away to the paradisal shores of the Aegean Sea. You can also rest your head on DUSK's matching pillowcases. This pretty all-white collection with a seersucker weave is ideal for adding an elegant finish to your bedroom. 

But why should you choose seersucker bedding? 

What is Seersucker and How is it Made? 

Seersucker is usually made from 100% cotton and is a comfortable, lightweight fabric - making it perfect for the warmer months. 

Seersucker fabric usually has alternate smooth and textured surface detailing, giving it a relaxed appearance. The texture and appearance of the fabric is due to the way it's made and weaved, as the yarn tension is adjusted during the weaving process, this results in alternating stripes of flat weave and puckered weave - resulting in a more durable and stylish finish. 

What is Seersucker Made From? 

Seersucker is traditionally made from cotton but it can also be made from microfibre. 

Microfibre is a mix of fine fibres which are tear-resistant and durable. During the weaving process of microfibre seersucker bedding, cavities are formed which allows the fabric to absorb more moisture. It retains its shape and dries quickly after washing.

Cotton bedding is one of the most sustainable fabrics, too. It's particularly popular on hot summer nights as it can release sweat, preventing heat from building under the duvet and sheets but is also a great option for the colder nights as cotton regulates your body temperature, keeping you warm through the autumn and winter. 

What Season is Seersucker Most Suitable For?

Remember the glorious weather in May 2020? Searches for summer bedding and seersucker rocketed up as people began to struggle to sleep through the heat. The perfect sleeping temperature is 16-18C, however in summer we can see daily highs of 21C which leads to sleep disruption being almost three times higher in the summer. 

Searches for summer bedding and seersucker rises with the temperature, with many of us searching for a cooler bedding alternative. Our Head of Design at DUSK, Farah Arshad, recommends 100% cotton bed linen all year round - particularly in the summer - as it doesn't trap the heat, making cotton seersucker bedding the perfect year-round option. 

Seersucker bedding is great during the summer months but can be used all year round. Due to the fabric's crinkled surface, the fabric never lies flat on the skin, allowing great air circulation throughout the night. Summer bedding should be breathable and have a cooling effect on your skin, making seersucker the perfect bedding for the warmer months. Other types of bedding may not be as suitable for summer heat as some fabric forms an insulating layer that prevents the heat from escaping, making it uncomfortable during the hotter nights but better for the winter season. 

How To Care For Seersucker

Seersucker bedding can be placed in the washing machine without any issues. Both cotton and microfibre seersucker bedding can be placed in the washing machine on a 30 to 40 degree wash without losing its shape. Just remember, it's always best to read the label before you wash your bedding.

A great feature of seersucker bedding is that it doesn't need to be ironed after washing. The surface of the fabric is textured and looks perfect without the need of an iron. However, if you want to iron out a couple of extra creases, make sure you do so at a cool temperature. Plus, always try to air dry!  

Is Seersucker Right For You? 

Discovering the perfect bedding for you will depend on your personal taste and your home  aesthetic.. 

Is seersucker right for you and your home? Due to the slightly wrinkled appearance, it lends itself to a casual feel in any bedroom whilst adding a luxurious touch. It can add a cottage-inspired look or evoke memories of a blissful beach. Why not add an element of fun with the extra textures seersucker brings to the room? Seeksucker bedding has a distinctly timeless feel, allowing it to work in any room for any age. It's the perfect bedding material for everyone.

For more top tips and expert cleaning advice, check out the DUSK blog.

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