Taking Inspiration From Design Pinterest Accounts

Taking Inspiration From Design Pinterest Accounts - DUSK

Do you dream about creating a beautiful bedroom? From bold designs to stylish bedding, discover the Pinterest accounts you need to follow.

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Whether you're looking to spruce up your bedroom decor or you simply want to inject more personality into your space, those little luxurious finishing touches can make all the difference. From exceptional bedding to beautifully designed throws, the perfect bedroom helps you relax in an instant to give you a restful night's sleep. 

We have compiled some of the most inspiring home interior Pinterest accounts to help you get one step closer to creating a beautiful bedroom. 

How to Pin Inspiration to Your Pinterest Board

After starting your own Pinterest account, simply search for terms such as "interior design" to pull up related imagery. As you scroll through, you can save your favourites to boards or you can even create multiple boards for various rooms in your home to help keep your ideas organised. 

When creating a board on Pinterest, simply pin anything that inspires you, such as home and bedroom decor pieces that resonate with you. Pay close attention to textures and styles when selecting pins for your home inspiration boards. Building a board based around similar colours and styles will help you to design a coordinated, yet stylish home. 

Once you have pinned a few items, you can take a look at your overall board and identify design trends you seem to gravitate towards. This can be the starting point for creating your dream-worthy home. 

How to Use Pinterest to Turn Your Dreams into a Reality

Consider your lifestyle 

You should consider whether your desired bedroom design and furniture fits into your lifestyle. For example, a corner sofa may not be a viable option if you have a smaller living room area. Create a cosy haven by choosing luxurious bedding, scattering cushions and a chunky throw for the perfect finishing touch. When you have determined what you need, such as the size of the room you are styling, you can search for terms such as "small bedroom decor" into Pinterest to find relevant inspiration. 

Refresh your pins 

Look back over your boards and delete pins that don't work cohesively together or that no longer give you inspiration. We all go through phases of loving particular styles, but these trends might not last forever.

Give each board a purpose 

Use different boards to consolidate and organise your thoughts. For example, create boards for year-round inspiration or seasonal trends. Keeping your Pinterest boards organised will help translate your favourite styles into your home decor. 

Look for patterns 

It's key to look for patterns throughout your boards when styling your home. If you enjoy more modern neutral colour palettes with subtle textures or you love contrasting stripes, dots and more,  consider investing in these designs when styling your home. 

Experiment with your home decor

There are lots of different ways to use Pinterest to discover home inspiration. Using search terms such as "home decor", "neutral bedrooms" or "bedroom colourways", you can find inspiration to suit you. Find unique ways to introduce colour, study interior design techniques, discover different ways to seasonally update your home or be inspired by layering techniques

Our Top Ten Bedding and Bedroom Design Pinterest Accounts 

1. Domino Magazine

If the idea of styling a whimsical yet laid-back space filled with eclectic furnishing sounds like your kind of bedroom, then following Domino Magazine is a must. This magazine offers bohemian interior inspiration that's versatile, unique and achievable, in order to help you bring those boho bedroom goals to life.

2. Danielle Oakey Interiors inc. 

Texture can make all the difference to a space and Danielle Oakey Interiors inc. know how to utilise texture to deliver a designer finish. For example, mixing a soft cotton bedding set with faux fur and a chunky knit throw produces a multidimensional and cosy feel within a bedroom.

3. Poppytalk 

To add a bit of drama to your bedroom, make sure you take a look at Poppytalk. They juxtapose soft design elements with big and bold pieces, such as mixing soft pale colours with neon lights or hanging light bulbs. Using their techniques, you can give a nod to industrial interior design, a trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years. 

4. A Quiet Style 

A Quiet Style takes dark, moody interiors balanced with white finishings to create a peaceful palette that will cocoon you within the walls of your own room. Alternatively, if you'd prefer something softer, then take a look at their use of neutral soft tones to inspire the bright and airy bedroom of your dreams. No matter your preference, both styles of bedrooms allow for a beautifully presented place to retreat to on an evening. 

5. Malmo & Moss

Do you envision the perfect nature-inspired bedroom? Decorating with neutral colours and earthy hues reduces stress and aids relaxation, so you're in safe hands with Malmo & Moss. They give a glimpse of a modern rustic lifestyle with minimalist furniture and a neutral colour scheme, incorporating natural components for a truly restful room. 

6. Belle Magazine 

Belle Magazine introduces a mesmerising mixture of patterned walls, stylish bedding and furnishings to an otherwise bare bedroom, all with the most stunning results. This technique is easy to emulate and creates the cosy, homely feel any bedroom needs whilst retaining that stunning luxury hotel bedding look.

7. The Stables

Focusing on good quality bedding and furnishings allows you to style a soft, relaxing bedroom. The Stables gives inspiration for the use of soft furnishings, pairing colours such as muted pinks and blues with different shades of grey, allowing for a multi-layered look. 

8. Design Sponge

Do you have a creative flare? Design Sponge provides the tips required to unleash your inner creativity, from making the most out of a small space to upscaling vintage furniture with just a few simple touches. The end picture will undoubtedly be a one-of-a-kind bedroom that you've created exactly to your taste.

9. Alice Waters

Introducing vintage items into your bedroom may make you think of old-fashioned homes, but Alice Waters has found the harmonious balance, producing designs to make your bedroom inviting and charismatic. Quirky features, vintage lamps, cushions and chairs‚ along with prominent colour schemes, add a charming touch, without looking outdated. 

10. Chad James Group

For those who love a luxury bedroom look with opulent detailing, Chad James Group presents the perfect medium between modern and timeless designs. They create the most cosy bedrooms by focusing on natural lighting, luxury four poster beds and stylish soft furnishings. 

DUSK's Pinterest Board 

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