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National Dog Week: Discover DUSK’s Dog Beds

12 Sep 2023

It's National Dog Week (Sept 17-23th), so why not pamper your pooch by treating them to a brand-new luxury dog bed? We understand that your furry companions deserve the best rest possible, so we've designed our latest collection of dog beds with care and comfort in mind. 

From cosy cushions to durable fabrics, our dog beds are sure to become your pooch's new favourite spot for slumber. 

Discover DUSK’s Selection of Dog Beds

At DUSK, we believe that a well-rested dog is a happy dog. That's why we've poured our passion for quality and comfort into carefully crafting our latest collection of dog beds to provide maximum comfort for your pup.

Discover our latest selection of luxury dog beds below:

Teddy Dog Bed

If you want to inject a touch of texture into your home, look no further than our Teddy dog bed. Crafted in a fleece fabric, it’ll bring instant warmth and cosiness to your space. Featuring a removable cover, the Teddy dog bed is easy to wash and compact enough to pack on trips away. 

Available in a tonal taupe or a chic chocolate shade.

Herringbone Flatbed

Our Herringbone flatbed is proof that dog beds can be sophisticated and stylish. Its flat, rectangular design is perfect for larger pups who enjoy sprawling! Finished in a classic herringbone fabric, this dog bed will bring country-chic vibes to any interior.

Khaki Flatbed 

Mimicking our Herringbone design, the classic Flatbed has been crafted in an opulent green hue that exudes timeless elegance. Complete with a fully removable cover, this dog bed is easy to keep clean and will add a decadent splash of colour to your living space.

Match Your Dog Bed with Your Home Decor

While choosing the perfect dog bed is essential for your pet's comfort, it doesn't mean you have to compromise on style. With a bit of creativity and thoughtful style consideration, you can seamlessly integrate your dog beds into your home decor. 

Our collection of dog beds has been crafted in a range of neutral colours to blend blissfully with your home.  From natural herringbone, perfect for neutral home decor, to tonal taupe and chocolatey brown to bring a richer feel to your space, we have something to suit every individual style.  

Why not match your DUSK dog bed with your sofa? With so many styles to choose from in our sofa collection, you’re sure to find a colour-coordinated match to tie your furniture together seamlessly. 

Alternatively, why not pair your dog bed with your existing decor by opting for a similar colour palette across your home accessories? Matching cushions and throws will help create a cosy and co-ordinated feel. Also, consider pairing your dog bed with your chosen wood shades across your living and dining room furniture for further harmony.

Dog Beds Suitable For Different Breeds

We know that dogs come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we've tailored our collection of dog beds to cater to your pup’s unique needs. From petite pooches to majestic hounds, DUSK has you covered with an array of sizes and styles to choose from.

Small Dogs, Serene Comfort

Our Teddy Dog Bed is ideal for small dogs and is designed to cradle tiny breeds like Chihuahuas, Toy Poodles, and Dachshunds in ultimate cosiness. With high sides to surround them,  they’ll love curling up in comfort.

Medium & Larger Breeds, Maximum Relaxation

Medium to large dog breeds, such as Beagles, Cocker Spaniels, Labradors and Golden Retrievers, will adore our Flatbed. Available in a natural herringbone design or khaki green, our large flatbeds provide the perfect retreat for relaxation and snoozing. Designed with their comfort in mind,  watch your pup stretch out and unwind in style! 

To ensure it’s a perfect fit for your pooch, be sure to double-check specific measurements on your chosen dog bed before purchasing.

How To Clean and Care Your Dog Bed

A well-maintained dog bed is key to ensuring your furry friends have a cosy and clean spot to recharge after all their tail-wagging adventures. 

Here are some essential tips on cleaning our stylish DUSK dog beds:


Like your own sheets and blankets, dog beds need regular cleaning too! Our dog bed covers are designed for easy removal and machine washing, making it a breeze to keep them fresh and hygienic. Simply follow the washing instructions on the care label for further advice.


To keep those pesky dog hairs and dust at bay, give your dog bed a good vacuum on a routine basis. This simple step will help maintain a spotless and inviting sleeping haven for your canine companion.

Spot Cleaning

Any dog owner knows that accidents can happen, and when they do, quick spot cleaning is the way to go! Grab a mild detergent and some warm water to scrub any stains away gently. Our dog bed materials have been carefully selected to withstand frequent spot cleaning that will stand the test of time. 

Air Drying

After washing, allow your dog's bed to air dry outside whenever possible. This natural approach not only helps to eliminate odours and bacteria but also avoids heat, helping to keep your dog's bed in the best possible condition for longer. A little fresh air and sunshine will ensure a healthier and happier sleeping environment for your beloved pup.

Discover DUSK’s Luxury Dog Beds Today

Whether you’re looking for something textured and tonal or timeless and classic, our exclusive collection of dog beds has something to suit every pampered pooch. Simply head to our dog beds collection to discover the full range of styles and colours available.
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