Why choose cotton bedding?

Why choose cotton bedding? - DUSK

Modern bedding takes on many different guises as the definitions of fashion and style take on a more individual slant. From designer bedding inspired by minimalism and covers that complement, shabby chic‚ to the rebirth of some of the floral classics, one thing that never goes out of style‚ is luxury, something that we all seek on different levels and something that is personal to us all.

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Cotton has been a popular material for centuries and is one of the most used natural materials globally. It's versatile, durable and even helps to repel odours. As a breathable material cotton sheets can also absorb body heat from you, giving you a more comfortable night's sleep.

If you have sensitive skin, cotton can also keep irritations at bay, thanks to its hypoallergenic properties. High quality cotton sheets last a long time and during their life-cycle, maintenance is low with no need to hand wash. It is also possible to tumble dry cotton sheets on a low temperature.

Choosing luxury bedding sets

So, now you've decided cotton is your luxury bedding fabric of choice, the range of materials and styles available can feel like a minefield. Not only do you want to achieve the best look but you also need to consider price, quality, the longevity of your bedding, and perhaps most importantly, how the fabric feels while you are in bed.

Luxury bedding is often considered to be only silk or satin and while these materials can feel luxurious, they do not provide the same qualities as cotton does.

Cotton bedding exudes quality and style, making it an ideal material for luxury duvet sets. As well as luxury, cotton also offers a number of practical benefits you may not have even thought of.

History of cotton

Cotton has been used for centuries and continues to this day to be one of the most popular materials for bedding and soft furnishings the world over. It is thought that the first countries to use cotton were India and Pakistan.

There are many different types of cotton, with Egyptian cotton being one of the most popular. Originating from the species Gossypium Barbadense and thanks to the higher climate in Egypt, this type of cotton produces long, soft fibres.

What is the difference between linen and cotton?

Both linen and cotton are popular materials when it comes to luxury bedding. Both natural fibres, the main difference is that cotton is made from plants and linen is from flax plants. Linen is thicker and more durable, while cotton is finer and can be woven into a higher thread count fabric.

Linen feels crisper than cotton but becomes softer the more handling it receives. Cotton, on the other hand is softer to the touch thanks to the fluffy fibre (Bolls) its plant produces.

Both cotton and linen bedding are absorbent and provide coolness and freshness to sheets during warm weather. Linen has the capability of gaining moisture without feeling damp straight away and becomes stronger when wet. Linen can also help prevent against bacterial growth.

Cotton bedding

Whether you're choosing a cotton duvet for you're the single bed in your guest bedroom or a cotton super king duvet, there are few downsides to opting for a cotton as a material for your bedding.

DUSK's collection of linen bedding allows you to emulate an elegant five-star hotel style with its superior 400 thread count. Stitched cord provides a border to create elegant charm and timeless sophistication. Available in five different colours with a button fastening.