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Make your sleeping experience luxurious with luxury bedding products

20 Oct 2019

Modern bedding takes on many different guises as the definitions of fashion and style take on a more individual slant. From designer bedding inspired by minimalism and covers that complement shabby chic to the rebirth of some of the floral classics, one thing that never goes out of style is luxury, something that we all seek on different levels and something that is personal to us all.

Below we have listed some of the elements that make up luxury bedding products, from complete bedding collections, single bed linen, luxury throws and mattress protectors, each of which can be used alongside one or the other to recreate your own personal version of luxury.

Luxury bedding

Luxury bedding is not just reserved for plush hotels and mansions. It sits on top of the place where you go to recharge after a long day and allows you to seamlessly drift into a comfortable night's sleep. The high quality and rich textures of luxury sheets make your bed feel like a safe and warm haven of happiness!

If you want to bring some luxury to your bedroom then it really can be quite simple. Layering a luxury throw modestly over your existing duvet set can transform the feel of a room instantly with throws and luxury pillows adding drama, volume and luxury.

Luxury cushions and Throws

Luxury cushions and luxury throws work brilliantly together by adding a luxurious and multi-fabric layering technique and creating an opulent quality to a bedroom or bed. Piling cushions together with throws can form a warm invitation to relax, or simply using a single and striking cushion on its own to create a statement can also work well.

Bed Sheets

Your bed sheets are also a feature of luxury bedding, particularly from an aesthetic point of view. A queen duvet set or a king duvet set allows you to maintain or highlight a colour scheme or theme in your room. Colours and patterns within a duvet set can be complemented or deliberately clashed with other layers and textures such as cushions, blankets and throws.

Bedding pillows, although an essential part of your bedding linen, also add to the luxurious feel of your bed. Whether it's filled with goose feathers or duck down, the filling of your pillow and the level of softness it has oozes luxury and offers comfort for those looking for a sumptuous night's sleep.

White bedding brings its own strand of luxury to a bedroom with freshness and light being key themes within it. It looks bright and inviting, perfect if you want to create a minimal and effortlessly stylish feel to a bedroom. White bedding is a favourite for those looking to make an impact in a larger bedroom with a white king size duvet. It is also a popular colour choice for neutral single guest bedrooms.

Mattress and pillow protection

Protecting your bedding is key to maintaining maximum comfort and keeping costs down. A mattress or a pillow that has been looked after stays in good condition for longer.

Pillow protectors are designed to fit perfectly over your pillow, encasing it in protective and come in all different types of material. Quilted pillow protectors are made from 100% cotton and ensures that your pillow is kept clean and the quilted layer adds the extra luxurious tier of luxury.

A mattress protector is designed specifically to keep allergens, fluids and germs away from your mattress, preserving its condition as much as possible and making sure you get as much use out of it as you can. The elasticated skirt on a mattress protector is made from protective material, shielding the sides of the mattress also. Made from 100% cotton it will also keep you cool while you sleep thanks to the breathable quality of cotton.

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