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How To Create A Luxury Bedroom This Valentine's Day

31 Jan 2020

Valentine's Day demands a luxurious bedroom, but how will you style your boudoir this February? Are you tempted by the tradition of scattering scented rose petals? Considering going big with bunches of balloons? Or are you looking for a more understated, elegant and refined way to welcome Cupid into your interior decor?

In this blog post, the DUSK team have compiled their best tips and tricks to transform your bedroom into a hotel-worthy, romantic retreat, not just on Valentine's Day but all year through. Discover the luxury bedroom updates you'll adore, from dusk till dawn...




Create a Show-Stopping Bed

Stylish hotel rooms and boutique B&Bs all have one thing in common: the bed is the star of the show. Sadly, we rarely pay our own beds this level of attention, but why shouldn't you enjoy the same serene experience at home?

Make sure your bed takes centre stage this Valentine's Day. Enter your own land of luxury by utilising symmetry around the headboard (draw the eye with decadent design elements like mirrors and artwork); creating a feature wall (textured or quilted paper exude elegance); or if you're considering a larger update, upgrade to a showstopping, super king size bed (a four-poster oozes opulence).


Refresh the Bedding


While pretty petals are a lovely addition this Valentine's, they can't beat beautiful bedding. After all, what could be more inviting than lavish and luxury bed sets, the plumpest of pillows or a sumptuously soft throw draped decadently over the end of the bed?

When selecting bedding this February, we recommend focusing on fabric. Choose 400 thread-count cotton to sleep under the softest, most breathable sheets, or opt for sateen to enjoy its sleek, silky feel. With high-quality duvet covers waiting for you upstairs, you'll find any excuse for an early night.


Upgrade the Hardware


Does your bedroom furniture feel old fashioned? Have you been wondering how to revamp your wardrobe? Or breathe new life into your bedside cabinets? Upgrading your furniture's hardware is the perfect chic and cost-effective solution this February.

Lift your bedroom with luxe gold and copper handles, opt for opulent jewel-style knobs, or go overly ornate with filigree designs for a truly luxurious finish. Whether you introduce a splash of colour or select a classic design, this a surefire way to revitalise your bedroom and take it from boring to boudoir.


Introduce Stylish Seating


As well as creating a breath-taking bed, make sure you don't neglect other parts of your bedroom this Valentine's. This includes seating, another common hotel room feature that's not only stylish but super functional, too. What's more, this can be done in the smallest of spaces, whether you have room for a chair or a chaise longue.

Introduce a seat and cover with a faux-fur throw to transform an unloved corner into a cosy nook; choose a chair for your dressing table to create a chic beauty area; or go for a velvet upholstered design and add a luxury cushion for a sumptuous feel.


Consider the Ceiling


The ceiling in your bedroom offers the same footage as the floor, yet so few of us seldom pay attention to it, leaving feet of unused and unutilised space. Pay attention to this blank area to create a romantic, relaxing and Valentine's-ready bedroom.

Create a more cohesive and comforting feel by painting the ceiling in a warm shade (pastel tones are much warmer than cold white); go all out with a huge headboard that extends onto the ceiling (an oversized rustic wood headboard gives those cosy log cabin vibes); or install rope lights around the edge of the ceiling to enhance the ambience.

Whether you're searching for small updates or want to wow, these luxury bedroom tips will help you feel the love this February.


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