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How to Buy Comfortable and Luxury Bedding for Your Bedroom

16 Oct 2019

Comfort and luxury do not have to be two separate entities when it comes to buying bed linen. Simply plumping for any old linen bedding is not going to result in boutique bedroom chic, you'll need to take on a few tips to successfully marry both luxury and comfort.

Use cotton

Quite simply, if you buy cotton bedding, it's difficult to go wrong. Cotton is a relatively inexpensive material yet is very durable and strong. This makes it last longer, giving you more bang for your buck. It is also a material that is easy to wash, dry and maintain so it will last a long time if you look after it, again saving you money buying new ones more regularly.

Opt for the best bedding set design

Getting the right design for your bed linen sets, opting for the best quality filling and looking closely at fabric quality will all bring you closer to achieving luxury and comfort in one go. You've probably already decided the type of design you would like for your bed linen set but our advice is to always look at the full range available.

Our luxury bedding sets at Dusk are the same level of quality but each with a different design. Often looking at new designs can spark a new idea for something else in your room or make you think about a different colour scheme for example.

Find the right thread count

Another important element of buying comfortable and luxury bedding is to look carefully at the thread count of the fabric you are buying. By and large, it is advisable to opt for a high thread count when you are choosing your cotton bed sheets. The thread count number relates to the number of threads per square inch.

At Dusk, our cotton sateen sheets has three threads over and three under, allowing more yarn to rise to the surface, this gives them a luxurious looking sheen finish. Like other cotton fabric, cotton sateen is breathable too. Take a look at our Mayfair bed linen collection for a bed linen set made from cotton sateen.

Cotton percale is another favourite fabric for bed linen sets at Dusk, this type of thread of one over and one under which ultimately gives a matte finish and a cool and crisp coating. Take a look at the Isabel bedding collection to see a superb example of cotton percale.

Make the most of white bedding sets

Boutique hotels love using luxury white bed linen for many reasons. They look effortlessly chic, they don't go out of fashion and they go with almost every design. White bedding sets or bed linen can be adapted in so many different ways: by adding a new chunky throw, scattering some faux fur cushions and many of our designs at Dusk introduce subtle pastel shades like grey or pink oxford borders, for example.

Choose the best filling

Finally, when it comes to comfortable and luxury bedding for your bedroom, don't underestimate the importance of fillings. Be this in your duvet or your pillows. Have a look at all fillings available, including natural fills like duck and goose feather and down, as well as synthetic fill, Microfibre.

The level of head and neck support needed at night varies from person to person, this depends on sleeping position and your own personal levels of comfort. As well as design style and material, filling is also important to consider when it comes to buying your bed linen.

Find some bed linen bargains

It's important to remember when buying bedding that luxury doesn't mean you have to pay more. A luxury bedding sale is never far away from our website at Dusk. We regularly hold sales and offers on a wide variety of bedding products, from luxury king size bedding and double bedding to fitted sheets and luxury throws. If you are looking for bed linen online, you won't be disappointed. Have a look at our current offers.

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