Cushions & Throws: Living Room Design Inspiration

When it comes to choosing and styling throws and cushions for sofas, there are a number of tricks interior designers use. So, how can you replicate that plush, luxurious look in your own living room? Here at DUSK, we have all the tips and tricks you need to add sumptuously soft fabrics to your settee.

In this blog post, we show you how to expertly decorate a sofa by draping throws and scattering cushions to achieve a cosy and charming feel. After all, soft furnishings are the perfect solution to instantly update  your living room.

How to Choose Cushions and Throws

Whether you’re looking to add those finishing touches or create a chic, cohesive living room, soft furnishings will transform your space in seconds. Just picture cuddling up under a blanket as you watch your favourite film, or resting against a pile of plush cushions as you chat with friends.

But should you choose cushions and throws to match your couch? And what fabrics should you select? We’ve got all the answers you need.

Choose Your Colour Palette

Depending on your preference, you can choose between contrasting and complementary colours. Select different hues of the same shade if you’re trying to create a more understated and muted scheme, or go big and bold with a vibrant palette to inject some fun.

Avoid choosing colours that are identical to your sofa and instead take inspiration from your favourite living room accessories. Try tones from your artwork, lamps and existing soft furnishings, such as rugs and curtains – use different hues and colours to add definition to your couch.

DUSK Manhattan Throw Texture

Prioritise Different Textures

Combining a range textures is key for a comfortable, indulgent and inviting sofa. This is particularly effective for neutral colour schemes, where layering different textures quickly transforms a plain white living room into a warm, welcoming and stylish lounge.

Whether you’re all about colour or prefer a paler palette, more is definitely more when it comes to texture. Embrace an eclectic mix with cool cotton and chunky knits, or go lavish with luxurious velvets and faux furs.

Play with Patterns

Patterns are an effective way to bring your personality into your living space, yet you may feel wary about picking prints. From florals and geometric designs, to stripes and checks, there’s a huge variety of vivid and eye catching patterns to consider.

When planning to use print, we suggest focusing on two elements: Scale and shade. Mix and match patterns that are of a similar scale and unify a mix of prints by selecting two or three colours. Keep scale and colour consistent across your throws and cushions for a high-end finish.

Experiment with Shape and Size

Cushions come in all shapes and sizes, from square and rectangular to circular and cylindrical. You may be stuck in a rut, always opting for the same size pads and covers, yet wondering why you can’t achieve that luxury, designer feel.

Layering a larger square cushion with a smaller one is a simple way to add depth to your sofa. This is particularly true in a neutral or monochromatic colour scheme, where opting for a selection of sizes can help bring your living room to life.

Remember the Rule of Three

The ‘rule of three’ has long been used by designers. Essentially, this principle recommends grouping accessories and colours in threes, as it’s believed odd numbers deliver a more visually appealing design. Either way, it’s a useful guideline for soft furnishings.

We recommend using the rule of three with cushions. While you may be tempted to splurge on a dozen, starting with the rule of three will ensure your living room feels tasteful and tranquil, rather than busy and distracting.

Starlet Grey Luxury Cushion Covers

How to Style Cushions and Throws

Layering cushions and throws is an easy way to add appeal and texture to your sofa. Now that you know how to shop for soft furnishings, here are our quick guides to styling and placing.

The Quick Guide to Cushion Placement

  • Place in the crook between the arm and the corner to create a cosy nook

  • Position in the centre of your sofa for symmetrical styling

  • Always put larger cushions at the back and smaller designs in front

  • Display in odd numbers – the rule of three is perfect for cushions

  • Group different textures and tones for a high-end finish

The Quick Guide to Displaying Throws

  • Drape lazily over the corner with the end of the throw almost touching the floor for that relaxed yet refined look

  • Fold and place for a formal and polished finish – the centre of the couch or over the arm are perfect for this technique

  • Display at the foot of a corner sofa or chaise longue for an elegant feel

  • Tuck under the settee cushion with the bottom of the throw peaking out – this is great for a playful pop of colour

  • Roll and stack into a basket and position next to your sofa for added cosiness

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