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Five reasons you need a mattress topper

15 Oct 2019

The addition of a luxury mattress topper to a bed, can be literally life-changing for some people. Sounds dramatic? Perhaps, but don't forget, your energy levels, day time activities and indeed, the ability to achieve everything you want in a day boils down to whether you have had a good night's sleep or not.

Different from a mattress protector, or pillow protectors which do a great job in ensuring your duvet and pillows are free from dust mites, spillages and other unwanted stains, a mattress topper serves a specific purpose in providing an extra layer of luxury and comfort.

For those who have an inadequate mattress that is uncomfortable and maybe past its sell-by date, a mattress topper is ideal.

There are other ways that a mattress topper can help, have a look at our reasons why you need a mattress topper:

1. They save you time and money

If you were already contemplating changing your mattress then a mattress topper could be the ideal money-saver for you. Not only is a topper a fraction of the price of a mattress, it also provides that comfort you may have been longing for in a new mattress.

Our toppers are filled with a choice of luxurious goose feathers and down or 100% Microfibre . Don't worry if you have just bought a new mattress either, a topper can help preserve its life for longer too. A great investment for the shrewd comfort-seekers of this world.

2. You don't have to take them to the cleaner's

One of the beauties of mattress topper is that they do not need to be professionally cleaned. Our Goose Down toppers at Dusk have a removable top layer that can be washed in a washing machine (large capacity) meaning you can act immediately to remove those unexpected spillages. So, no need to fight to get your double mattress topper into a plastic bag and run down to the dry cleaners, simply pop it in your washing machine and press the button.

3. They give extra insulation

Having a mattress topper means that as well as supreme comfort and a luxury feel, you are also getting added insulation and warmth. If you are prone to feeling chilly in the night, a topper will cocoon you in a delicate warmth like no other. And if you get too hot, a topper is easily removed.

4. They provide support and protection

Filled with a top layer of fluffy goose down and a bottom layer of feathers, the contents of Dusk's mattress toppers give sleepers an ideal level of support and softness. The support can also help those who suffer from neck and back pain.

Not only this, but a topper serves as an extra layer of protection. In the same way as a single mattress protector works as an additional layer to keep fluids away from your guest bed, or cotton pillow protectors at as a physical barrier against spills, a topper does a similar job.

5. They introduce an element of luxury

Feather and goose down mattress toppers are the most luxurious type of topper available. If you want to feel in the lap of luxury before you go to sleep then Dusk's 100% feather base and 70% down filled top layer toppers are perfect.

The Dusk range of mattress toppers includes all sizes. So, whether you are after a large king size mattress topper or a modest-sized single mattress topper, we will have it. Have a look at our topper range. Alternatively, if you are looking to simply protect your mattress then have a look at our cotton mattress protector collection.

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