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Ask the Dusk Team | Duvets

11 Oct 2017

Duvet Guide

Choosing the right duvet can be a bit baffling when confronted with tog rating, natural or synthetic fillings and dimensions. We've collected some of the most asked questions by our customers to help you find the best duvet for a perfect night's sleep. 

What does tog rating mean?

Tog rating refers to how well your duvet keeps the heat in rather than its thickness. In a scientific sense, tog is a measurement of thermal insulation, with duvet at the lower end of the having a lower level of insulation. We would recommend the All Seasons (13.5 tog) in the winter, the 9 tog in the spring and autumn, and the lighter 4.5 tog during the summer.

What is an All Seasons duvet?

Our All Seasons duvet is a convenient way to make sure you're at the right temperature all year round. The All Seasons duvet consists of the light and cool 4.5 tog duvet and the warmer 9 tog duvet, giving an overall 13.5 tog rating and making it perfect for all seasons.
The two duvets can fasten together for the winter, and taking apart to give you a 4.5 tog in the summer and a 9 tog in the spring and autumn.

What type of filling should I choose?

That is dependent on your personal preference. Goose Down is considered the most luxurious while synthetic fillings like microfibre are favoured by those with allergies.
The Dusk Team have worked hard to choose the best quality fillings for our range of duvets, offering you a choice of Feels Like Down microfibre, duck down and feather, and goose down.

Which size duvet should I get?

It's always best to get the duvet designed to fit your bed. So, if you have a double bed, choose a double duvet. If you share your bed you might want to move up a size in duvet to make your bed super cosy without having to worry about cover stealers.

Still have questions? Feel free to comment them below and our Dusk Team will answer them.

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