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10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Homeware Enthusiasts

28 Nov 2019

Finding the very best Christmas gifts for loved ones can be tricky. You want to get them something that suits their tastes and shows just how much they mean to you, all whilst working to a budget.

Here at DUSK, we think homeware is a great option for Christmas gifts of all budgets. After all, who wouldn't appreciate an accessory that enhances their home?

In this blog post, you'll find 10 Christmas gift ideas that are sure to please the homeware enthusiast in your life.

Candles and Diffusers

When it comes to Christmas, there are various scents that are synonymous with the festive season. From aromatic cinnamon to warming winter berries, filling the home with these seasonal fragrances is a great way to embrace the Christmas spirit.

Candles and diffusers make a lovely gift, creating a cosy escape from the winter weather. And with a whole host of smells to choose from, including peppermint, pine and gingerbread, there really is something for everyone.

Picture Frames

Hanging pictures and art is a sure way to add colour, character and personality to any room. That being said, choosing artwork is often a very personal process, making it difficult to pick a piece for someone else. So, how about treating them to a picture frame instead?

For a super stylish and thoughtful Christmas present, opt for a classic gold and glass photo frame. This will complement almost any interior design scheme while also allowing the recipient to showcase their favourite prints, pressed flowers and photos.

Luxury Throws

Christmas is the perfect time to stay indoors and keep warm, whether you're watching festive films or wrapping up piles of presents. And when it's cold outside, who doesn't love curling up under a super soft throw or blanket?

Enhance your loved one's home and help them stay toasty by treating them to a luxury throw. Whether you gift faux fur or go for a chunky knit, it's a present that's sure to keep them warm while also making their sofa or bed feel more indulgent.

Beautiful Bed Linen

There's nothing better than getting into a beautifully made bed, feeling cosy and falling asleep under high thread count covers. So, when it comes to gifting homeware, luxury bed linen is the perfect present to unwrap on Christmas morning.

To make sure it matches their bedroom scheme, we suggest avoiding prints and opting for timeless tones. Shades of grey, white and cream cotton, tend to work best as they will feel luxurious in any boudoir.

Greenery and Plants

In addition to adding colour to your home, plants have been proven to offer numerous health benefits including reducing stress, promoting relaxation and minimising allergies. What more could you want from a thoughtful Christmas gift?

For a low-maintenance houseplant, we recommend a succulent or cactus, as they love sunlight and require little watering. Alternatively, aloe vera, spider plants and palms are easy to look after, too.

Baskets and Trays

Trays and baskets are a great way to elevate homewares, helping accessories to stand out and make more of a style statement. They can be used for displaying beauty products and jewellery, or for holding throws and blankets.

For a gift that will be truly appreciated on Christmas Day, keep it simple. We suggest rustic wooden, gold-toned or woven designs, as they are effortlessly elegant, can be used in almost any room and will match a huge range of colour schemes.

Lights and Bulbs

Winter can be dark and dull but that doesn't mean our homes have to feel that way too. Fortunately, there's a whole host of ways to brighten interiors, from introducing candles and fairy lights to oversized shades and SAD light therapy lamps.

Whether you want to make their home feel a little brighter or help to boost their mood, lighting is a practical and pretty Christmas present that's sure to please the homeware lover in your life.

Gadgets and Smart Tech

In recent years, homeware and accessories have evolved to include a selection of smart tech options. Depending on your budget, gadgets are a great Christmas gift for those who love to fill their homes with the latest tech.

There's no shortage of ideas in this category, with a wide range of devices that can transform the home. Choose from smart toasters and thermostats, lightbulbs and plugs, as well as audio and smart home hubs.

Something Personal

Our homes reflect our personalities, from our use of colour and prints to the items we choose to display. So, if you're looking for a Christmas gift that's tailored to the recipient, how about personalised homewares?

You could go seasonal with a personalised cheese board, bauble or stockings. Or if you'd rather gift a loved one something they can use all year long, then a personalised doormat, mirror or jewellery dish could be great too.

Gift Cards

Still struggling to come up with the perfect Christmas present? Why not let them choose by asking them to pick out a few items they would love? And if all else fails, a gift card for their favourite homeware brand is sure to do the trick!


At this wonderful time of the year, these 10 homeware ideas should help you to find some truly special gifts.

What gifts will you be buying for the homeware lovers in your life this Christmas? We'd love to hear! Let us know over on Instagram or Facebook.

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