7 Affordable Ways To Improve Your Bedroom

7 Affordable Ways To Improve Your Bedroom - DUSK

The team at DUSK have shared their budget friendly tips to improve your bedroom. From lighting to cheap luxury bedding, achieve your dream room for less.

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You may think that home improvements are expensive and unaffordable, however, there are numerous ways you can make your bedroom that little bit more luxurious while spending little to no money at all. From being more creative with your lighting techniques, to buying luxury bedding for less, you'll be able to seriously style up your bedroom without breaking the bank. 

Whether you're dreaming of updating a tired-looking bedroom or you want to create a more hotel-like sanctuary, you don't always need to wait for payday to bring your interior inspiration to life. 

In this blog, the team at DUSK have collated their favourite ways to improve your bedroom on a budget.

Get Creative With Your Lighting 

Natural lighting is crucial for the bedroom as it can improve your sleep and make your space feel more luxurious. To enhance the natural light in your bedroom, incorporating mirrors is a simple, affordable and effective fix‚ not only will they reflect the natural light, they'll also make the room feel more spacious. 

For the perfect mood lighting, drape fairy lights around your mirror or hang them from your wall, while introducing a bedside lamp will create a soft light that's perfect for a movie night in bed. Statement light fixtures can also change the feel of a bedroom; go ultra modern or take the traditional route with a chandelier style fixture, many cast beautiful shadows across the room to make the ultimate decorative statement. 

Choose Luxury Bedding at a Lower Price

Refreshing your bedding has a huge impact on your bedroom. Choose classic white crisp bed sheets for a truly timeless hotel-inspired boudoir, integrate some refined glamour with pale pink, or put a twist on traditional with a subtle grey finish.

For a luxurious feel, we always recommend investing in a higher thread-count, 100% cotton bedding set. Not only will you enjoy ultimate comfort and breathability while you sleep, but by investing in quality, your sheets will last longer and save you money in the long run. Don't forget your pillows and duvet, plump goose down pillows and a plush duvet add an opulent touch to any bed. 

Transform With Accent Colours 

Transforming your bedroom is easy with an accent colour. Painting a feature wall with a darker colour can instantly create a comforting atmosphere, or go for beautifully bold with wallpaper for a dramatic finish. Additionally, focusing on the ceiling will instantly invigorate your bedroom to create a clean, fresh space. 

Alternatively, instead of reaching for the paintbrush, choose new plump cushions and a cosy throw to enhance your room. Go subtle and timeless with a charcoal grey, neutral with natural knitted cushions or add a pop of colour with a pretty pink throw. Introducing new textures and patterns to your bed can deliver a hotel-feel without the high price tag. 

Rearrange Your Furniture

Would you like to redecorate in an hour without spending anything at all? Sounds too good to be true! Yet simply rearranging your furniture can have a huge impact on your room. This is also a great opportunity to remove, sell or donate unnecessary furniture pieces that may be taking up space, making your bedroom feel smaller and closed in.

Changing the way your bed faces can create a whole new orientation without having to buy anything at all. If your bed is pushed into the corner of your room, consider centering it, this will not only make your room feel larger but will ensure it's a whole lot easier to make the bed! 

Dress Your Windows 

Window treatments don't just offer privacy and stop unwanted light, but when done well, they're also a decorative feature. If you love the idea of sheer curtains to enhance natural light but don't want to compromise with waking up at the crack of dawn, try pairing your curtains or voiles with a blind.

If your windows are a standard size, Roman blinds are an affordable and stunningly stylish way to control natural light. To block out light altogether, black out roller blinds are another great alternative, with a sleek and modern design, perfect for a minimalistic style bedroom.

Go Green With Plants

We know there's nothing better than a fresh interior and the easiest way to achieve this is to bring the outside into your bedroom. Not only will plants add a little colour when you want to stick to traditional white bedding and walls, they'll also make your room feel more airy. 

The most affordable way to do this is by taking clippings, whether from your own plants or asking a friend or family member. If you're looking for something more low maintenance, there's a huge range of high quality and realistic fake plants on the market; placing a draping plant on a shelf and letting it trail down the wall is perfect for a more dramatic look, or go with a small cactus or succulent for a subtle green addition.

Declutter Your Bedroom

Something as simple as decluttering your bedroom can transform it into a whole new and serene space. Without spending a penny, decluttering can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable by reducing the number of items floating around your room, as well as ultimately making your space seem a whole lot bigger. 

Try updating your storage, find a nice set of drawers to keep on top of your dressing table instead of having items strewn across the surface, or choose a mirror that also has handy storage to keep your lovely pieces of jewellery from getting tangled. Decluttering your wardrobe will also help for a tidy and fresh space, if your drawers are overflowing or you can't fit all your clothes in your wardrobe, it's time to sell or donate.

How would you decorate your bedroom on a budget? Will you be trying any of our tips? We'd love to hear from you! Tell us over on Facebook or Instagram.