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Affordable Luxury Bedding by DUSK

03 Oct 2019

Luxury bedding need not cost the earth. A high price tag is not always tantamount to a high-quality product. At DUSK, our bedding range fully represents this principle of luxurious affordability with superb products to suit all budgets. If you appreciate a luxury duvet that is simple and elegant, or a pair of perfect pillow cases that are filled with the best quality material, then you've come to the right place.

Our range often include discounts on many of our different products, including double bed sheets, single bed linen, cushions and throws, all made from high quality materials that are often included in our regular luxury bedding offer events. When buying bed linen online or even on the high street, there are a few things to consider before you add to basket‚ or take your item to the till. Have a look at our tips and advice on finding out the best affordable luxury bedding.

Luxury bedding

At most of our collections are available in single, double, king size and super king sizes. Below we have listed some of the most popular bedding chosen by our customers:

Richmond White Bedding Collection

Richmond white bedding collection from DUSK has a neat row of hemstitch that will fit into most bedroom styles. It has a 200-thread count cotton percale, for those with a super king bed we offer super king pillowcases in all of our collections.

Shop the Richmond White Bedding Collection

Milano Natural Bedding Collection

DUSK Milano natural collection stands out for its stunning coloured border that attracts but does not detract from the neutral tones. As well as single, it is also available in a double, king size and super king size.

Shop the Milano Natural Bedding Collection

Venice Bedding Collection

Venice bedding set is designer bed linen that is affordable, high quality and echoes the feel of a luxury hotel suite. With a 400-thread count and has a sheen finish it is one of the most wanted sets on offer at DUSK. It is available in single, double, king size and super king size, with three colour options, including white/grey, grey/white and white/putty.

Shop the Venice Bedding Collection

Isabel Bedding Collection

Made from 200-thread count cotton, the Isabel white bed linen is chosen by those who want to achieve the neutral look with a little bit of detail. With oxford edges all around the duvet cover and pillowcase, this look is easily achieved.

Isabel Bedding Collection


Bedding collections are not complete without pillows. At DUSK, our pillows are high quality and still affordable. They are available with goose down and duck down fillings.

DUSK also has a feels like down range, a lightweight pillow for those who may suffer from allergies but still want the soft feel and support that goose and duck down and feather fillings provide. The filling is made from 100% microfibre that provides optimum head and neck support.

Shop all pillows

Cushions and Throws

Not to be left out of the equation when it comes to affordable, modern bedding, are cushion covers and throws. Although they may not seem immediately synonymous with bedding, they are often an essential part of creating the complete luxury bedding package.

DUSK's neutral pallet range of white, silver, grey and putty allows you to layer and decorate your bed to your own personal preference. Enjoy mixing, matching and experimenting with the different fabrics and texture we have in our throws range, silky satin, smooth cotton, or perhaps even try a chunky knit fabric with the St Ives throw.

Shop all Cushions and Throws
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