Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger

If you’re struggling with a small bedroom, you’re not alone. The average size of a master bedroom, which is traditionally the largest bedroom in the property, is around 13.37 metres squared and has shrunk significantly compared to the 1930s.

Having a smaller bedroom can make decorating a tricky task and you may need to get creative to make the most out of your space. From embracing natural light to choosing the perfect colour scheme, there are many tricks that can make your small bedroom look bigger. 

In this blog post, the team at DUSK have come together to give you all the tips and tricks you need to turn your small bedroom into a spacious haven!

Hang Mirrors for Complete Illusion 

Mirrors aren’t only necessary for checking out your outfit before you leave the house. They are also one of the easiest ways to fool the eye into thinking that your bedroom is much bigger than it actually is. They bounce natural light around the room to create a bright and beautiful boudoir — for the full effect, we recommend you place them directly opposite windows.

However, there are numerous ways that mirrors can be incorporated into your bedroom if you’re strapped for space! Opt for mirrored wardrobe doors as this will take up no additional space but can completely transform your room. Alternatively, hanging a large mirror above your dresser is also a great practical solution. You could also introduce mirrored items such as bedside lamps to help bounce light around the bedroom, immediately expanding the space!

Reduce Clutter 

Nothing makes a bedroom feel smaller than copious amounts of clutter. Not only will you be tripping over on your way to bed every evening, but it can drastically reduce floor space and make your bedroom feel small and cramped. The easiest way to cut clutter is to have a good sort out, donating anything that you no longer need or want, as well as making sure you have nothing in your bedroom that belongs elsewhere in the house. 

While you don’t want your bedroom to feel completely bare, you also don’t want to weigh it down with things you don’t need. Opt for just a few pieces of artwork on the walls, minimising your photos and accessories to make your small bedroom look bigger. 

Integrate a Light Colour Scheme 

Light colours have a similar impact to mirrors in helping to reflect natural light around your bedroom so the space feels more inviting. Dark colours are more likely to absorb light, which will feel less spacious overall. 

However, your room doesn’t have to be completely white as this could make your space feel unwelcoming. Choosing other cool light colours such as pastel green or blue paired with white will keep your space bright without it feeling too sterile. If you prefer a warmer colour palette, opt for neutral shades, creating texture with different cushions and throws

Space Saving Furniture is a Must

Smart storage solutions are a must when it comes to small bedroom design ideas! In order to make sure you can completely relax in your bedroom, you need to ensure you’re not tripping over shoe boxes and bulky pieces of furniture every time you make your way to bed. 

It goes without saying that the less furniture you have in your bedroom, the larger it will look and feel. Consequently, swapping your set of drawers for a bedframe with storage is a great way to store your clothes as well as cutting back on furniture. For pieces of furniture that you don’t use too often, such as a desk or chair, choose a foldaway option that can be easily stored in a cupboard.

Keep Furniture Low to the Ground

Stay away from tall chairs, dresser drawers and ditch the high headboard. By keeping furniture low to the ground you’re creating more space above which in turn makes your ceilings feel higher and gives the illusion of more space. 

Transparent furniture is also a great way to optimise your space. Try replacing your wooden desk for a glass top table and choose an acrylic chair. This will not only look sleek, modern and stylish but will also make your whole bedroom look and feel a whole lot bigger. To make it feel warmer and more comfortable, drape a luxury throw over the back of your chair.

Make the Most out of Vertical Space

Floor space may not be an option for a lot of small bedrooms. That’s why you’ve got to think vertically! Using wall space right up to the ceiling on one of the walls in your bedroom can be a great storage solution and will draw the eye upwards, making the room seem taller and consequently more spacious.

Choose built-in shelves and bookcases or, for a more affordable option, select separate wall shelves to fill the space. Painting the shelving units the same colour as the walls will also help elevate the whole room, making it look and feel larger. 

Use Light-Coloured Bedding

Your bed is often the centerpiece to your whole bedroom so choose your bedding wisely. When selecting bedding for a small bedroom, stay away from loud colours and busy prints as these can easily overwhelm your room. 

Sticking to lighter colours and white bedding will make the space feel more airy and open. But don’t worry - you can easily add a pop of colour using cushions, throws and bedspreads in whichever colour you choose. Pastel pinks are perfect for a light introduction of colour, but a splash of navy will help to create a richer colour palette without overpowering your bedroom. 

Dare To Bare

Heavy curtains can completely overwhelm a small bedroom. Keeping your window treatments to a minimum will help to give an unobstructed view, drawing the eye outside and giving the illusion of more space.

Opting for more streamlined options such as shutters or blinds will help to completely optimise the amount of light you get within your bedroom, resulting in a bright and airy space. 

Will you be using any of our small bedroom design ideas? We’d love to hear how you make a small bedroom look bigger! Let us know on Facebook or Instagram. For more top tips, check out our advice on the DUSK blog.