Benefits of Cotton Bedding

Give your bedroom a dreamy finishing touch with cotton bedding that suits your sleep as well as your style. Different luxury cotton bed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases and more have a whole suite of unique qualities. It’s likely you’ll put a lot of time and care into choosing your bedding to ensure a truly restful slumber, and exploring the benefits of cotton will help you decide on which bed linen to dress your bed with.

Cotton is particularly special as it’s a traditional material that comes in a range of styles, patterns and comfort levels. We’re giving you all the information you need on the different types of cotton and what makes it the perfect material for premium bedding.

Why Choose Luxury Cotton Bedding? 

The benefits of luxury cotton bedding are best discovered through using cotton duvet covers and pillowcases yourself. However, if you are looking for reasons why you should buy cotton bedding then here are just some of the benefits of cotton:

  • It’s soft and breathable
  • Cotton is able to control moisture
  • It provides insulation
  • Cotton is kind to allergy sufferers
  • It’s durable 


The unique thing about cotton is that it is breathable, meaning it has a unique capability of regulating your body temperature throughout the night. It absorbs body heat and therefore keeps you cool as you sleep. 

Soft to touch 

Cotton is comfortable on your skin. It’s special because it provides a smoothness and crisp feel next to your skin, ideal for when you are ready to slip into a blissful slumber. Cotton is also kind to allergy sufferers as it is less likely to cause itchy irritations throughout the night, so you can drift off to sleep in complete comfort.

Stands the test of time 

Cotton is particularly durable and therefore lasts longer. This makes cotton a great choice for your bed linen, as it's likely to last you for a long time - perfect when you're snuggling up to sleep in cotton sheets night after night.

Easy to take care of 

Cotton duvet covers and sheets are machine washable at a 30-40 degree temperature, can be tumble dried and often don't need to be ironed whilst still looking luxurious on the bed. Cotton is a low-maintenance material that's super simple to care for.

DUSK top tip: remove your cotton bed linen from the washing machine when slightly damp and dry flat so it can be stored neatly or put on your bed straight away. 

The Differences Between Cotton and Linen Bedding 

Both linen and cotton are popular materials used to craft luxury bedding. Both natural fibres, the main difference is that cotton is made from plants whilst linen is made from flax plants. Linen is thicker and thought to be more durable. Cotton is finer and can be woven into an opulent, higher thread count fabric.

Linen feels crisper than cotton at first but becomes softer the more handling it receives. Cotton, on the other hand, is softer to the touch thanks to the fluffy fibre its plant produces.

Both cotton and linen bedding are absorbent and provide temperature-regulating properties to bed sheets during warmer weather to help you sleep in the heat. And, linen has the capability of gaining moisture without feeling damp straight away and becomes stronger when wet. 

Different Cotton Types

What is Cotton Percale?

Cotton percale is a flat, fine fabric that has been closely woven. Used often in luxury bed linen, it is breathable and much lighter than muslin fabric as it is typically available in thread counts of 180 to 200. Cotton percale is sometimes likened to Egyptian cotton thanks to its high-quality look and feel.

Our duvets are encased in cotton percale to provide supreme comfort and breathability. 

What Is Cotton Sateen?

Cotton sateen is made from 100% cotton and usually has a higher thread count, giving it a silky soft feel and finish. So, when you are on the hunt for the perfect double duvet set, make sure you look out for specific kinds of cotton, as this can make a difference to both the look and feel of your bed. 

What Is Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian cotton is super smooth, soft and has natural temperature-regulating properties, proven to help you achieve a more blissful night’s sleep by reducing disturbance during the night from overheating or being too cold, helping you wake up fresh and ready for the day. his type of cotton produces extra-long fibres that are smaller in diameter than regular cotton, giving Egyptian cotton its unique, luxurious feel. 

What Is Brushed Cotton Bedding? 

As the name suggests, brushed cotton is a cotton fabric that is finished with a brushing technique. The brushing process creates a soft pile on the sheet, which holds the warmth in and creates that super soft & cosy feel. The fabric is brushed to raise the fibres, which traps air particles to help improve insulation and keep you comfortable while you sleep. It’s particularly luxurious to sleep in during the winter as it’s so smooth and tactile but feels comfortable all year round too.   

How To Choose The Best Cotton Bed Linen

Think beyond thread count 

A good night's sleep is only as good as the bedding you sleep in. Whilst there's a lot to consider, we've got your decision-making covered. Start off by ensuring you know the correct bed sizing and also the thread count you are looking for. Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of the fabric and is typically only used in reference to cotton. Put simply, the higher the thread count, the heavier and more opulent the cotton feels. 

Take the correct bed measurements 

Mattresses have advanced alongside bed sheets—which means that buying bed linen is no longer a one-size-fits-all process. Ensuring you know whether your mattress is single, double, king or super king size is key to finding the perfect cotton bed linen. You should also investigate whether your mattress is a specific size in depth to make sure your cotton fitted sheet will stay snug throughout the night. 

For maximum cosy potential, you'll find that bedding is designed to be slightly bigger than the mattress it's made for. You could also size up for extra comfort, for example choosing king size bedding for a double bed.

Consider the design of your cotton bed linen 

When upgrading your cotton bedding, you will want to ensure the design fits seamlessly with the rest of your home's aesthetics. If you adore accessories, plain white cotton bedding is a great choice to allow all your accessories to take centre stage. 

With cotton bedding crafted in a range of styles and designs, you can consider picking block colours that complement or even contrast with your bedroom's colour scheme.

You could even layer different simple colours up to make each piece of your bed stand out individually and as a whole. If you are looking for a little more personality, print is a great way to add colour and contrast. 

How To Care And Clean Cotton Bedding

Caring for your luxury bedding couldn’t be easier. We recommend washing your cotton duvet covers and pillowcases before use on a 30° wash cycle and tumble drying at a low temperature. Washing your bedspread every 4-6 months will help keep those allergens at bay as well as help to give you the best night’s sleep. 

Always read the label, use the right size washing machine and choose the appropriate laundry detergent and washing cycle when washing your luxury cotton bedding. 

For tips on how to wash Egyptian cotton, take a look at our guide on how to wash and dry your Egyptian cotton bedding to ensure it keeps its super soft feel. 

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