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Top Bedding Products to Refresh Your Bedding This Spring

30 Mar 2019

Before you know it, Spring will have sprung and it will be time to spring clean your bedroom again. What better way to freshen your bedding and bed linen sets than with some of the top luxury bedding products DUSK has on offer? Let's have a look at some of the most coveted covers and favourite fluffy duvets.

Luxury duvets and pillows

Whether it's natural or synthetic, a perfectly filled luxury duvet is a must for Spring. So, if your Queen duvet is feeling a little less regal than it once was or your pillows are looking distinctly sorry for themselves, then it's time to consider a new fluffy goose down or synthetic duvet or pillow from DUSK. Goose down is a firm favourite when it comes to duvet and pillow fillings, but also popular is duck down; both offer extreme softness and support for your neck and shoulders. And if you suffer from allergies it's wise to look at our Feels Like Down range which is made from 100% Microfibre and keep allergens at bay.

Luxury duvet sets

Dusk Duvet & Pillowcase Sets

Cotton bedding is perfect for when the seasons change. As a breathable and natural material, cotton keeps you insulated in winter and when it comes to Spring, it also keeps you cool. Using 100% cotton pillow cases and duvets sets will make your room look chic and you can tailor it to your own unique style with a range of different, light and neutral tones with a hint of colour, texture and pattern.

Designer bedding: throws and cushions

Dusk Twilight Pink Collection

Modern bedding comes in all different shapes and sizes and is not limited to simply a king duvet set and matching pillows. Modern bedding now includes luxury throws, cushions, bed spreads and pillows. Our throws range includes a variety of different textures and styles, from chunky and honey comb knits to faux fur and waffled textured, all in classically neutral tones including pinks, greys and beiges. Cushions also add a different dimension to your bed, allowing you to add or remove a certain style or quality, instantly. The Helsinki faux fur cushion and the Aspen cushion cover are two of the most popular ranges at DUSK. Have a look at our full cushions and throws range here.

Tips when buying your bedding this Spring

When shopping for bed linen online, whether it's a pair of pillowcases, cushion cover, or a super king duvet, we recommend you always take a detailed look at the product specifications to make sure you are getting the right size for your needs.

We also suggest you consider the change in seasons and think about your own body temperature when you sleep at night. Take some time to think about your sleep position too and what kind of support you are looking for in a pillow to suit your own sleep style.

And finally, keep checking for DUSK's regular luxury bedding sets discounts and offers on our bedding products. If you don't want to miss out on a luxury bedding sale from DUSK, create an account today to be kept up to date with all the latest DUSK offers.

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