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Top Bedding Choices For Spring

Top Bedding Choices For Spring - DUSK

Update your bedding in time for Spring with these styling tips from DUSK. Get creative with pillows, throws and more.

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Spring is the ideal time to update your bedding and refresh your sleeping space for the new season. Whether you opt for lighter bed linens or a new colour scheme, there are plenty of ways you can introduce that fresh spring feel into your bedroom.  

In this guide, we explore the key ways in which bedding can transform your bedroom into a spring haven.

Refreshing Bedding Sets Ready For Spring

During the cold winter months, we naturally want to make our beds feel cosy and warm with rich colours and textures. But as the days begin to grow longer and flowers start to bloom, it’s all about finding ways to inject the freshness of spring into our homes. Subtle colours and soft fabrics will help to revitalise your bedroom and make you feel renewed as we transition into the new season ahead. 

Choosing a fabric with a low thread count (around 200) will feel much lighter and more comfortable, ideal for spring. The Portofino bedding or Rio Bed Linen Collection are one of our top picks this spring. Crafted in 100% washed cotton, this set features a striped design in a fresh yet subtle sage colour - perfect for introducing shades of spring florals into your bedroom. 

Spring Bedding Kids Will Love 

As the spring season settles in, updating your little one’s bedrooms with playful bedding is a great way to refresh their space. Introduce some lightness and fun with colourful patterns like our Spots & Stars Reversible Bed Linen Set, giving them the choice of two designs in one. Or have them dreaming of a Jurassic world with our Dinosaur Reversible Bed Linen Set, bringing roarsome style to their bedroom. Our kids bedding sets are also 100% cotton, helping to keep them comfortable and breathable as the days start to get warmer. 

Take a look at our Kids Bedding Guide for more inspiration on transforming your children’s room this season.

Seasonal Duvets Perfect For Warmer Days 

A heavy duvet can be a little too much as the nights get warmer into spring, so swapping this out for a lighter choice, or even better - a duvet that’s suitable all year round. Our 100% cotton All Seasons Duvet can easily be adapted for changing temperatures. This versatile duvet contains two quilts (a 6 tog and 2.5 tog duvet), which you can simply add or remove as needed throughout the year for comfort and breathability, whatever the weather. 

What is the Best Duvet Filling During Spring and Summer?

Breathable feather and down duvets will help you to regulate your temperature while you sleep, making it a popular duvet filling for those who struggle to get restful slumber as the weather gets warmer. Whether you like to keep toasty and warm or prefer a cooler room temperature, your choice of duvet and tog can help to set you on the right track for a great night’s sleep this spring.

Replenish Your Pillows For A Fresh Spring Feel 

Your pillows play a key role when it comes to enjoying quality sleep and comfort. Over time, they can become flattened, meaning they may not be providing you with the adequate support you need. Replacing your pillows with newer, springier ones will ensure your head and neck are in the optimum position as you sleep. It’s also beneficial to opt for 100% cotton pillowcases to help regulate your temperature throughout the changing seasons. As we transition into springtime, light colours and textures will breathe freshness into your bedroom decor.

With our range of luxurious pillowcases, you can introduce a touch of colour to your bedroom while still keeping the aesthetic feeling light and elegant. Complete your spring/summer bedding collection with a regulating mattress protector, featuring cooling fibre technology, designed to help you sleep better in warmer weather.

Our Top DUSK Spring Bedroom Accessories

Creating stylish bedding doesn’t just start with your duvet and end with your pillows. There are plenty of accessories you can experiment with to inject subtle bursts of colour and texture into your bedroom this spring. From cushions to throws and everything in between, here are a few ways you can add elegant style to your sleep space.  

Cosy Cushions

Introducing  cushions to your bedding ensemble can instantly add pops of texture, giving your bed linen a more luxurious finish. With our wide range of sizes, and colours, you can play around with arranging your cushions in a way that enhances your bedroom style. 

Luxurious Textured Throws

While the spring months can bring beautifully sun-filled days, the nights can still be chilly. A comfortable throw can act as the perfect accompaniment to your bedding when you want extra warmth, as well as adding colour and texture to your bedroom decor. Opting for lighter tones will perfectly complement the rest of your spring bedding.

Stylish Ottoman Storage Benches 

If you’re looking for a place to keep your winter duvets and Christmas linens, our beautiful ottoman storage benches are the perfect storage solution. During your spring clean, you can store away your chunky throws and duvets, making space to bring out your lighter spring fabrics. Whether you place our ottoman storage benches at the end of your bed or pop it in your living room as a stylish solution to additional seating, it’s perfect for storing anything from bed linens and cushions to towels, blankets and throws. 

Beautiful Rope Storage Baskets

Keep your home clutter-free with these beautifully versatile rope storage baskets. Ideal for placing in dressing rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, or living rooms, these unique storage baskets make the perfect home accessory for spring, summer and beyond. Whether you choose to store towels, shoes, picnic blankets or spring necessities, these handy baskets are perfect for adding texture and tone to your spring interior. 

The Ultimate Guide to Restful Sleep In Spring and Summer

Sleeping in the spring and summer seasons can be a challenge for many of us, due to the warmer temperatures making restful sleep feel almost impossible to achieve. When our bodies are unable to cool down during the night, this can impact that all-important rest and rejuvenation time. 

You may find yourself endlessly searching for the perfect cooling bed sheets or for that heavenly cold side of the pillow - that's why our DUSK experts have analysed the facts and pulled together some top tips to help you beat the heat and improve the quality of your sleep in our Ultimate Guide to Sleeping In Summer. 

Discover More Spring and Summer Bedding Tips

If you’re looking for more inspiration on all things beds and bedding, take a look at more of our insightful DUSK Guides or to get your bedroom spring-ready, follow us on Facebook and Instagram where you can explore our collections for more seasonal styles.