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9 Subtle Upgrades For Your Bedroom

26 Dec 2019

Do you dream about the perfect bedroom decor? Or fantasise about a small sanctuary where you can unwind in comfort? If you feel that your current space is a little lacklustre, then you're in luck - we've compiled loads of easy and effective updates that you can implement.

Whether you're on a budget, have limited time for DIY, or live in a rental property where renovation work is restricted, we've put together a list of simple ideas to transform a tired bedroom into a sophisticated and serene boudoir.

In this blog post, the DUSK team helps you overhaul your bedroom with a selection of subtle and stylish upgrades.

Accentuate Furniture

When it comes to redecorating your bedroom, your initial thoughts may include painting or papering the walls. But when it comes to subtle updates, make sure to focus on your furniture.

Painting the top of a cabinet, fashioning fabric to the sides of drawers, or upgrading handles is enough to turn a dresser (and your bedroom), from drab to fab.

Hang Curtains Higher

Do you want to make your bedroom look more luxe while exerting minimal effort? Then you'll be pleased to know that you can create a high-end feel just by considering your curtains.

To do this, focus on the position of your curtain pole and the length of fabric. Hanging your curtains six inches above the frame will make the window look taller, while having enough fabric to drape on the floor adds a decadent touch.

Inject More Light

Lighting can have a huge impact on the overall atmosphere and ambience in any area of your home. However, it's particularly important in your bedroom where light can have a direct impact on your quality of sleep.

For a subtle yet successful update, install a dimmer switch to control light levels, inject warmth by layering lamps, or add fairy lights for a soft and feminine finish.

Buy New Bedding

Is your duvet cover in a shade that's gone out of style? Are your pillow cases made from low-quality materials? Or perhaps your bedding has seen better days? Then why not breathe new life into your bedroom with some luxury bed linen?

When buying new bedding, opt for a high thread count in timeless tones like white, grey or pastel pink. These colours will complement a variety of schemes while the high thread-count will make your bed(room) feel more opulent.

Introduce Soft Furnishings

When chosen carefully, a few soft furnishings can complete your bedroom. They offer a simple way to refresh your boudoir while also helping you to create a cohesive and sumptuous look.

For a luxury finish, we recommend playing with texture. Mixing a faux fur or thick wool throw with a couple of faux silk or waffle knit cushions will make your bedroom feel more expensive and expertly designed.

Frame Your Bed

As the largest piece of furniture, your bed should take centre stage in your bedroom. If it's not dominating the space, then don't worry, as simply reframing your bed can also transform it into a focal feature.

For a subtle yet sophisticated update, give your bed a makeover by installing an oversized headboard, framing with bedside lamps or hanging a canopy from the ceiling.

Add Accessories

As any interior designer knows, accessories are a great way to beautify the bedroom. However, when taking this approach, it's important to remember that less is more, strategically placing a few key pieces will deliver the desired effect.

From introducing a pop of colour with cushions and art work to boosting light with candles and mirrors, adding accessories like plants and photo frames is a great way to upgrade your bedroom.

Include Soothing Scents

While most design concepts focus on delivering a visually appealing scheme, for a soothing and sensual space make sure to indulge your other senses. For your bedroom, this means focussing on scents and smells.

To create a calming environment, we recommend lavender and rosemary. These fragrances are known to reduce stress and promote sleep, making them perfect for the boudoir.

Consider Seating

Seating may not be your first consideration when optimising your bedroom but it can be the difference between a basic room and a sophisticated suite. What's more, it can even enhance the smallest of spaces.

To incorporate seating, turn a cold corner into a cosy reading nook with an armchair and floor lamp, or create a stylish dressing space by placing a sleek chair next to your clothing rail.


From subtle updates that you can complete in a couple of hours to simple upgrades that will style up your space in a weekend, there's a multitude of ways to tweak your bedroom.

Which ideas will you be trying? We'd love to hear! Tell us your favourite bedroom updates on Instagram or Facebook.

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