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Get Your Bed Summer Ready With Best Bedding Products

06 Jun 2019

Get Your Bed Summer Ready With Best Bedding Products

What are the best ways to get your bed ready for the summer months? None of us want to be too hot on those warmer nights and the change in temperature at this time of year is a fantastic reason to bring on some new luxury bedding! Let's have a look at the ways in which luxury cushions, designer bedding and quality cotton sheets can get you ready for the new season. Whether you're looking to invest in a new single duvet or a full bedding collection, we've got some beautiful summer bedding at Dusk, all at affordable prices.

Review the latest bedding collection designs

Nothing says new summer season like a white and crisp bedding set. It brightens up a whole room instantly and the cotton material oozes summer freshness. Take a look at some of our favourite, luxury bedding collections at DUSK. Most of our collections are available from a single duvet size up to super king size

Introduce cotton softness

Cotton is one of the most luxurious yet practical fabrics you can use on your bed. It is well-known as one of the best materials for the summer months as its fibres help to keep you cool during the night. You can choose from sateen or percale for your cotton duvet set at Dusk, both are high quality 100% cotton. Percale offers a more matte finish while sateen has a shiny quality to it.

Bring on the cushions!

An array of fresh new decorative cushions in your bedroom can add a new summer statement straight away too. Modern bedding is not just about duvet sets and pillows. Faux fur, honey comb knit or textured waffle: luxury cushions can add sparkle, softness and style, depending on the design you choose.

Take pride in your pillows

A new pillow for the summer can make a real difference to your sleep, especially if your old one is tired and worn. Our goose feather and down pillows at Dusk give you the spring and firmness you need in a cushion. Considered one of the most luxurious and high-quality fillings for pillows, goose feather and down, provide support thanks to strong feathers and softness with the lofty down.

And finally,

Don't forget to consider a new duvet. Changing to a lower tog duet can give you the comfort of a duvet draping over you, whilst keeping you cool. We offer a low 4.5 Tog duvet in all of our duvets for those who find themselves getting too hot on those summer nights. If you are looking for all year round duvet then the All Seasons duvets are perfect for you, a 4.5 tog and a 9 tog duvet which buttons together for the winter nights, but give you the flexibility of having ether duvet on the rest of the year.

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