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Fright Night: Which Regions Will be Reaching for the Covers This Halloween?

17 Oct 2019



A time for trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins and hunkering down with horror flicks, Halloween offers the chance to celebrate all things scary. Yet when All Hallows Eve arrives, the UK has more to fear than fictional characters and fancy dress.

In different areas across the country, there exists a myriad of ghoulish myths and ghastly tales, from dark magic to terrifying creatures. But how do Brits protect themselves on Hallows  Evening?

Here at DUSK, we've done some research to reveal the preferred hiding places of each region. So, do you seek the safety of a thick duvet? Or are you brave enough to sleep alone?

In this blog post, we expose which regions will be cowering under the covers this Halloween...

Northern Ireland


Famous for its myths and legends, Northern Ireland is home to the Giant Causeway. These hexagonal carvings are said to be relics of the route taken by the Irish Giant, Finn MacCool, who crossed the North Channel in order to battle the Scottish giant, Benandonner.

Northern Ireland is also where you'll find the UK's most luxurious duvets, with 88% of households opting for 9 tog or higher. And with only 12% choosing 4.5 tog, the lowest in the country, it seems households in Belfast will be hiding behind big duvets on 31st October.




Scotland has some of the tallest stories in the UK, from fearless characters like Robert the Bruce to legendary creatures like the Loch Ness Monster. Scariest of all is The Stoor Worm, a slithering sea serpent that killed animals and plants with its disgusting breath.

Despite all this, the Scots are a courageous bunch. In fact, on average, Scottish residents spend less on their bedrooms than anywhere else in the UK. So, you won't find them shuddering under high-quality bedding this October.


North West


The North West of England has a harrowing history of witchcraft and a number of witch trials took place here. The most well known is the persecution of the Pendle Witches, a trial that found ten individuals guilty of committing murder by magic.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that feathers have long been used in witchcraft, but 20% of dwellings in the North West have duck down duvets. With more duck feathers than anywhere else in the UK, Mancunians and Liverpudlians will be well protected on All Hallows Eve.


West and East Midlands


There are many superstitions and stories across the Midlands. This includes figures such as Black Annis, a hag-like creature who feasts on flesh. While there are places like the Mermaid Pool in the Peak District, which is said to be home to a terrifyingly beautiful mermaid.

Just like the North West, the Midlands seek refuge in feather-filled bedding. With the highest proportion of goose down duvets in the country, 44% of West Midlanders and 42% of East Midlanders will be sheltering in style this Halloween.




From the north to the south, Wales is home to some of the UK's most monstrous myths. Legend has it that a village in Ceredigion, aptly named Devil Bridge, was visited by satan himself. It's said that the devil built a bridge here in exchange for the soul of the first victim who used it.

This Halloween, households in Wales will be concealing themselves under cotton percale bedding. With only 35% of Welsh bedrooms having silky sateen bed linen, those in Cardiff and Swansea are more likely to be keeping their cool with cotton.


North East

According to folklore, the North East is plagued by evil creatures. From the Gytrash, a monstrous and ghoulish dog that targeted travellers, to violent boggarts that followed families, it seems this region has much to fear. Yet you won't find residents feeling fretful this Halloween.

This is because the North East has the lowest number of 13.5 tog duvets in the country, with only 24% of households cowering under their thick quilts. Instead, those courageous northerners in Newcastle and Durham will be braving Halloween beneath lower tog duvets.

Yorkshire and The Humber


This region has a long list of tales that feature all kinds of mythical creatures, from giants and goblins to fairies and witches. Of course, Yorkshire's most renowned story is Bram Stoker‚ Dracula, a work of fiction that's become synonymous with the seaside town of Whitby.

While hanging garlic is said to ward off vampires, Yorkshire folk are sure to enjoy a restful night's sleep, even on the spookiest night of the year. This is because 90% of people in Yorkshire sleep on soft pillows, a figure that's higher than anywhere else in the UK.



South West


The South West is a region known for its magical folklore. This includes Vixana, the witch who led unsuspecting walkers to their deaths at Vixen Tor in Dartmoor. While Devon and Cornwall have long been associated with the pixie, a playful and mischievous creature.

Regardless of the region's associations with dark magic, many of those living in the South West will be sleeping alone this Halloween. In fact, 5% of this region's beds are single, representing the highest number of single beds in the country.



South East and London


When it comes to London and the South East, vampires and ghosts are at the forefront of many scary stories. This includes Herne the Hunter, a ghost with antlers that was said to plague Windsor Forest, as well as the more recent Highgate Vampire who terrorised London‚ Highgate Cemetery.

Yet stoic southerners have no need for extra thick duvets and piles of pillows. This region is home to 34% of the nation's luxury throws, which is where Londoners and Oxonians will be taking cover this October.




So, where will you be hiding this Halloween? Will you be dashing for your duvet or tempted by your throw? However you'll be spending Hallows Evening, we'd love to hear! Tell us your petrifying plans over on Instagram or Facebook.


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