Don’t Lose Sleep Over It: The Most Annoying Sleeping Habits Revealed

Don’t Lose Sleep Over It: The Most Annoying Sleeping Habits Revealed - DUSK
Constantly kept awake by a snoring partner? You aren’t alone! Take a look at our study on the most annoying sleeping habits in the UK.
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Whether it’s the odd sleepless night or you constantly struggle to drift off, we’ve all felt the exhaustion of only getting a few hours’ sleep.  

And while you may blame stress or the weather for your bad night's sleep, it could be that your nearest and dearest is a part of the problem. That’s right, between loud snorers, duvet stealers, and fidgety snoozers, sharing a bed with someone else can be frustrating and even disrupting to your sleeping pattern. 

 Well, we wanted to find out how the UK actually feels about sharing their bed. That’s why we conducted a survey of 2,000 Brits, shedding light on the most annoying habits they contend with and whether they are, in fact, the offending sleeper.  

Let’s dive straight into the results, shall we? 

What are the most annoying sleeping habits?

Picture this: you’ve had an exhausting day and all you can think about is crawling under the covers for a good, long sleep. Except, drifting off into dreamland is almost impossible due to your partner’s annoying sleeping habits. Nightmare! 

If this sounds like a familiar tale, you aren’t alone. According to our survey, 68% of Brits think the person they share a bed with has annoying habits... 

And, you guessed it, snoring is the most annoying sleeping habit in a partner or friend, with 67% of respondents complaining about loud snorers. Stealing covers (50%) was also high on people’s list of sleeping pet peeves, as was tossing and turning in the night (47%). 

Surprisingly, whether it’s envy or pillow talk being cut short, 6% of Brits actually find it annoying when their partner falls asleep too quickly.  

That said, we certainly aren’t shy about letting our partners know of our sleeping woes. In our survey, 50% of Brits were happy to be honest with someone about how they were disrupting sleep with annoying habits, with only 14% of people keeping their gripes to themselves.  

Are you an annoying sleeper?

While we might be quick to blame our snoring partners for a bad night’s sleep (and for good reason!), it’s a little more tricky to realise that we also might be an annoying sleeper.  

Remember when we said 68% of Brits think their partner has annoying sleeping habits? Well, only 24% of respondents admitted that they themselves were an annoying sleeper. Something isn’t quite adding up there… 

To shed light on those snoring fibbers and duvet-stealing deniers, we’ve created a fun quiz, so you can find out what kind of sleeper you really are.  

Would you prefer to share with your pet or your partner? 

 After countless sleepless nights wrestling for the blanket or listening to your partner mumbling in their sleep, you’d be forgiven for daydreaming about alternatives. 

 In fact, in our survey, 39% of Brits admitted that they prefer to sleep on their own, instead of sharing their bed. There’s also an interesting split when it comes to men and women: 44% of women would prefer to sleep on their own, whereas only 33% of men feel the same way. 

At least, that’s when we’re talking about sharing with another person! 

 When asked about sharing with a dog or a cat, 65% of respondents said they let their pet sleep in the same bed. But that’s not all – our survey also revealed that 18% of people would prefer to share a bed with their pet than a romantic partner, while 16% prefer cuddling pets to romantic partners. There was even a small minority of respondents (6%) who prioritise their pet over their partner altogether, when it comes to sharing a bed.  

 Whether you’re dealing with a snoring snoozer or you secretly hog all the duvet for yourself, we want to help create the perfect sleep sanctuary for both you and your partner. And it all starts with the bedding!  

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