5 Easy Ways to Create a Bedroom Haven

Turn your bedroom into a haven with our handy guide to improve your sleep sanctuary.

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Turn your bedroom into a haven with our handy guide to improve your sleep sanctuary.

Numerous studies have confirmed that the environment around us makes a big difference to the quality of sleep but despite this, many bedrooms are still cluttered, unorganised and full of distractions keeping us from sleep.

Our top five easy ways to improve your night are just small changes that can make a huge impact on how rested you feel in the morning.

1 Find the right bedding
Having an unsupportive pillow or a sheet that doesn't allow your skin to breathe during the night can make you feel hot and bothered, leading to night sweats and a sore neck. Choosing a pillow with the right level of support for your sleeping position will help increase your comfort levels while breathable 100% cotton sheets will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

2 Update your decor
In a recent study, Travelodge found that people staying in rooms painted with cooler colours like pale blues, whites, moss greens or soft pinks slept for more hours per night, compared to those sleeping in rooms with bolder and louder colours.
Repainting your room or adding white bedding with a hint of colour could help you get a restful night's sleep.

3 Clean and Organised
Making your bed not only looks nicer but can also have a positive impact on your mood and sleep. In a survey carried out by the National Sleep Foundation, those who made their beds regularly had a better night's sleep, whilst sleeping in a clean, clutter-free room was found to promote sleep quality.

4 Introduce a Plant
Houseplants have a number of benefits for the home and office including increased levels of oxygen. Plants have been found to help reduce stress and anxiety, improve immunity and brain function, and boost your moods. Increase the air flow in your bedroom and choose an Aloe Vera or Lavender plant for a restful night.

5 Make It Yours
Creating a positive connection in your bedroom by filling it with simple visuals such as photos, artwork or keepsakes to create a pleasing atmosphere and really make your room your own.