2023 Interior Decor Trends

2023 Interior Decor Trends - DUSK

From natural fabrics and modern soft furnishings to statement stripes, clean colour palettes and tonal textures, discover all the latest interior design trends that are forecasted to take our homes by storm in 2023.

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Whether it's 
redecorating your bedroom to promote calmness and relaxation or revamping your spare room to wow your guests during their next stay, there‚ is no better way to kickstart 2023 than with a dreamy home makeover. 

From natural fabrics and modern soft furnishings to statement stripes, clean colour palettes and tonal textures, discover all the latest interior design trends that are forecasted to take our homes by storm in 2023.

Muted Colours

It seems natural shades are going nowhere fast as 2023 predicts that muted colour palettes will continue their reign in the world of interior design. Opting for calming colours such as beiges, creams, greys and whites, can instantly inject warmth and tranquillity into your living space. Pairing these colour combinations with natural textures will help to accentuate these minimal vibes further. Opt for natural linen look curtains or clean Egyptian cotton bed linen for a truly relaxing interior. 

Statement Stripes

Trend forecasts also expect to see an uplift in bold patterns in the coming year, proving the ideal opportunity to experiment with adding a splash of colour to our homes. statement stripes are said to be a firm favourite in 2023. If you are looking for a subtle way to begin to incorporate these bold parallel prints into your living space, soft furnishings, such as striped bedding or patterned cushions, are a great starting point. 

Tonal Textures

Nothing brings a room to life quite like a range of gorgeous textures, so we are happy to see an increase in these in the coming year. Layering different fabrics with one another creates richness and dimension, effortlessly elevating any room. Soft furnishings are the easiest win when it comes to playing with texture - from boucle cushion covers to chunky knitted throws, we have a range of beautifully textured furnishings for you to choose from that will transform your living space into a cosy haven in 2023.

Relaxation Rooms

If the past couple of years have taught us anything, it is the importance of self-care - so it comes as no surprise that relaxation rooms are set to be a huge hit in homes in the coming calendar year. Whether you use this room to read, meditate, play music or even do a spot of morning yoga, the main focus is to simply have a space dedicated to calmness and tranquillity - whatever that looks like to the individual. The key to creating such an atmosphere is by making it cosy and inviting. Having a comfortable place to sit is essential for a relaxation room, so investing in stylish seating is a must. A 3-seater sofa or chaise sofa will fit perfectly in larger areas. Alternatively, if you only have a snug space to work with, 2-seater sofas or loveseats can be a great option for smaller rooms.

Soft Modernism 

This is all about soft tones, textures and keeping a super clean aesthetic. Think light, minimal and, above all else, modern! This trend has all the stripped-back, clutter-free spaciousness that we love about minimalism, but without that clinical vibe by blending warmer tones into spaces to soften everything. If you are looking to incorporate this theme within your guest room, wooden textures paired with white bedding and light bedspreads will create an airy yet cosy feel. For the ultimate guest experience, don't forget to have some freshly laundered towels ready and waiting on the bed, alongside a  luxurious silk eye mask to ensure they have a memorable and blissful night's sleep.

Colour Clashing

In recent times, colour clashing has become a popular trend both in the world of interior design and within the fashion industry. From vibrant pinks and reds to retro greens and oranges, we love it when a colour combo surprises us for all the right reasons. Ideal for those who like to go bold with their interior choices, you can throw out the rule book when it comes to colour clashing. Make a statement in your living room with a navy blue sofa or a green sofa, and even combine different colours to create a vibrant ensemble. Bright bedroom shades, such as this gorgeous olive bed linen, will make a bold yet stylish statement. Alternatively, if you are looking for a softer shade, opt for dusty pink bedding instead. Pair with your choice of pillows, contrasting coloured cushions and a carefully styled throw for the full deliciously colour clashing combination.

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